How Hip-hop and pop artists can choose their names


An up-and-coming hip-hop musician needs to pick a name for themselves that will get them noticed by fans and make them attend music event. Hip-hop and pop musicians often choose their stage names according to the style of music they perform or produce. When an artist produces hip-hop music or a song, they want to make sure that the names they use are something that their fans and followers will remember in the long run. This is because they want to have a loyal fan base. However, this is seldom a simple endeavor. When creating a name for a hip-hop or pop musician, there are a few things that really must be taken into consideration.

Coming up with a hip-hop artist name

There is a wide range of diversity present in the names of hip-hop and pop artists. A hip-hop pop artist needs to determine what kind of artist they are before they can choose an appropriate moniker for themselves. 

There are several categories of musicians, the most common of which are primary artists, followed by compound artists, and finally featured artists. In this article, we are going to examine the many different types of artists and the ways in which they might assist a hip-hop artist in conjuring a name for their music.

  1. Primary artist

A primary artist can be seen as the main artist. A primary artist could just be one individual. They could also be an individual with a band. A primary artist works entirely on their own, to their own beat.

  1. Compound artist

A compound artist is a type of artist that works with another artist. In distinguishing compound artists, their names are usually signified by the word “and”. The word ‘and” serves as the link between the two artists. So, in essence, the two artists act as one, or as a whole.

  1. Featured artist

Someone who is given more attention than other artists, whether they are main or compound artists, is referred to as a featured artist.

What kind of artist you are should determine what kind of hip-pop artist name you go with. You have the opportunity to work as either a primary or compound artist, or even a feature artist. As a hip-hop and pop musician, your name should derive from the particular subgenre that you specialize in. Your stage name as a hip-hop musician could be derived from your compound musical style, for instance, if you are a compound hip-pop artist.

The importance of choosing your hip-pop artist names

Your name as a hip-hop or pop musician is very important. Not only does it make it easier for your followers and fans to recognize you, but it also demonstrates the kind of music you make. When choosing a name, it needs to be something that is memorable when it is called. It needs to be something that is unique and easy to pronounce at the same time, and it needs to be something that is catchy.


A good hip-hop artist’s name always leaves a lasting impression. However, when choosing this name, a hip-hop artist has to realize what kind of artist they are deep down. Are they primary, compound, or feature artists? Questions like these go a long way in helping hip-hop artists come up with their names.


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