Top Principles Any Samurai Sword User Should Master

Top Principles Any Samurai Sword User Should Master

Traditional Japanese swords are quickly becoming a darling to sword lovers. Besides the rich history of samurai swords, Japanese katana swords symbolize strength, success, and authority. As a sword lover, it’s important to master the samurai principles. Techniques such as breath control and posture will make you a better sword user. Here are the top four inner principles any samurai sword user should master.


Breathing is one of the most important primary elements when using a samurai sword. Breathing allows you to relax. This process determines how smoothly you move. They speak a lot regarding how polished your movements look.

Inhale and exhale calmly.  Ensure the two processes are full. This process is meant to give you excellent muscle control. Doing this makes you confident before the opponent.

The secret lies in practicing regularly. Cultivating the art of making your body well oxygenated takes time. Thus, embrace patience. Repeat drills. Practice stationary meditations to help you master the art of breathing smoothly.

Footwork Stance 

Avoid standing flatfooted (i.e., with relaxed feet). This is because the feet’s bones can move and incase them. Remember, the bone’s musculature needs to put enough firmness. Instead, consider using the muscles for anchoring the body to the surface.

 This technique involves gripping action as if you are resisting a strong force. Leverage breathing to energize yourself and keep the muscles strong. Stiffness isn’t good in this process. That’s why you must relax. Release the tension. Remember, tension can cause cramps.


When handling a samurai sword, posture is very important. Thus, ensure that the posture supports your body as you hold your sword in different directions. Take the right angle to achieve the right balance.

Contracting muscles, to new samurai sword handlers, can shrink them. Don’t allow this to happen. Strive to get the right posture for your height. Use your arms and legs to optimize your stature.

Also, use your hips well. Remember, hips are energy transfer points. They are also used to generate energy. Make them firm.


Technical clarity will help you handle the samurai sword like a prop. Thus, ensure that you have this clarity during the sword action. To cut effectively, you don’t need a lot of demonstrations. All you need is time and a lot of practice.

Key Takeaway

Handling a samurai sword takes a lot of practice. You should dedicate a lot of time to practicing. Look for the right drills. Take your time. Also, patience is key. Watch videos from renowned samurai sword users. Remember, handling a Japanese sword takes a lot of practice. Follow the right drills. These simple techniques will make you a better sword handler.

The Bottom-Line

Being like a samurai worrier goes beyond just purchasing and holding the sword. It involves several aspects. Among them is breath control. You also need to master the art of good posture when handing these Japanese-inspired swords. The above are key inner principles you should master when it comes to Japanese swords. 


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