Experiential Gifts for the Outdoor Enthusiast 


Gift-giving is a wonderful gesture of care. Whether celebrating a special occasion or gifting just because, a thoughtful present is an extension of love and friendship. 

But not everyone appreciates getting material gifts that add to the clutter of their homes. If there isn’t a specific item that someone has their eye on, give the gift of an experience.

A well-thought-out excursion can lead to incredible moments and memories for the receiver. If you have an outdoor enthusiast in your life, here are some gifts they’ll love.

Fishing Trip Package

Fishing is a hobby that requires a lot of gear, but usually, the best catch is out in far waters. Because of that, it’s not always accessible to people who don’t have the means to charter a boat or hike out in the woods for a week to experience a successful fishing trip.

That’s why a fishing trip package makes a great gift! Many organizations offer fishing excursions for different skill levels, so the gift receiver can feel comfortable and confident in their abilities during the outing and get to fish-heavy waters in out-of-the-way places.

One thing to note is that not all fishing tours include equipment. Research the package, and if needed, consider including one of the best carp reels as part of your gift. 

Public Gardens or National Park Membership

With 423 national park sites spanning more than 84 million acres across the US, there is no shortage of natural beauty to explore no matter where you are. And even if the person you’re getting a gift for lives in a city and can’t easily access a national park, there’s a good chance there’s a public garden, like the Chicago Botanic Garden, nearby. 

While some of these parks and gardens are free to the public, many require an admission fee. The money goes to helping them stay maintained. Whether a fee is required to enter, almost all offer memberships to the public that include unique benefits, like access to nature-based classes, after-hours events, and more.

 An annual membership is an excellent gift for those in your life who enjoy slowing down and stopping to smell the roses.

Sailing Lessons

Spending time surrounded by nature offers various psychological and physical health benefits. And what better way to immerse oneself fully in nature than being in the middle of the ocean.

A sailing lesson makes the perfect gift if you know someone who loves the ocean! This adrenaline-pumping experiential present gives someone a chance to learn a new skill while spending a beautiful day out on the water. 

Camping Gift Card

Camping is the quintessential way to get outdoors and an activity loved by families everywhere. Funding someone’s camping trip is a great way to show you care.

Many states, including New York, offer gift cards for campsites. These cover camping fees, equipment rentals, and even firewood! Without needing to purchase new equipment, gift cards for rentals make camping more accessible to novices and skilled adventurists.


A nature-based gift offers someone an incredible experience for the outdoors person in your life. Show you care about their passion and their well-being with a thoughtful experiential gift. 


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