9 Ways to Relax and Unwind This Weekend


After a long, difficult work week, all most of us want is to face plant into our sofas and spend the entirety of the weekend under a blanket, ignoring the world. While this can be a great way to relax and shut off for a while, it might not be the best way to refresh yourself and feel ready and energised for the week to come.

Taking some time to really care for yourself and engage in rejuvenating activities is what will make you feel like you had true “time off” over the weekend and have you awake and rearing on Monday morning. 

Pamper Yourself

First of all, you have to spoil yourself a little over the weekend. Treat yourself to a long, hot bubble bath, a session with a neck massager, the hydrating face mask you’ve been dying to try, or a few hours of binging your favourite sitcom on the couch, no interruptions. 


Spending time with others is something that fills a lot of our batteries. If you’re an extrovert, you’ll want to pack your weekend full of brunch dates and nights out with friends. If you’re more introverted, a little socialising is still important – just keep it lowkey and limit it to maybe one visit per weekend. 

Cook a Fun Meal

If you spend all week watching what you eat, are on a diet or are even too busy to cook and prepare delicious meals, take some time to enjoy yourself on the weekend. Cooking can reduce stress, making it a useful and fun way to spend a few hours of your weekend. Cook up your favourite meal, serve lunch for your family or try a new baking recipe. 

Prepare For the Week

This doesn’t sound all too relaxing, but taking a few hours of your weekend to get yourself ready for the week ahead is actually a great way to feel calmer and more put-together. Do some grocery shopping for the week, meal prep a few healthy dishes or snacks to keep you on track, and sit down with your planner or calendar to map out what your week will look like and clear it out of your mind. 

Get Outside

Spending time in nature is amazing soul food. Pick out a fun activity to do outdoors and soak up some vitamin D. If you feel like moving your body, a day out hiking is a great way to rejuvenate the body and mind. If you’re feeling a little run down and tired, a lazy picnic in the park with a loved one is a perfect compromise and sure beats another afternoon on the couch.

Engage in a Hobby You Love

These days, hustle culture has all of us grinding day in and day out, and working on side jobs in our time off to make extra cash and be extra productive. There’s nothing wrong with having a side hustle and putting your free time to good use. However, sometimes it’s important to do something just because you like to do it – not to make money or build a business out of it. Take some time to read a book, paint a picture, bake some cookies – just because it’s fun.


Once again, exercising might not feel like a very restful activity, but movement is what gives us lasting energy and makes us feel motivated and alive. You don’t need to smash a serious strength session or go for a massive run, but including some kind of activity in your weekend will definitely make you feel fresh, fulfilled and relaxed when Sunday evening rolls around. 


We all feel inclined to scroll for hours and hours when we can do it guilt-free, knowing it isn’t interfering with our work for once. However, getting off our screens when we don’t have to be on them is a good idea. A social media detox might be a great way to help you feel more present and less anxious. Try to spend one day of your weekend off your phone – switch it off or at least delete the apps that distract you.

Serve Others

One of the most fulfilling feelings is knowing that you’ve helped someone else. Make some time in your weekends to dedicate some of your time and energy to helping and serving those around you. This could be volunteering at a charity event, serving in your church or even helping a friend move house. Extending a helping hand to someone in your community will always leave you feeling fulfilled. 


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