Make money playing games. Here’s how

money playing games

Today, it is possible to earn money playing games. But it is easier said than done. You need to know the correct avenues and ways to make money when playing games. Many go down this route but quickly give up because they don’t have the required information to sustain their income. 

While earning your primary income by playing games is not recommended, you can get extra money to cover your additional expenses. Some of the potential ways are discussed below. 

Create your YouTube channel to live stream your games 

Most avid gamers make money by creating a YouTube channel and running the pre-recorded or live streams to their subscribers. The subscribers watch the game as the gamer plays to beat the level. (  

You can also use your YouTube channel to post gameplay tutorials, video game tutorials, game reviews, or even offer general gaming tips. If you can boost your subscribers and followers, you can quickly monetize your channel and earn a percentage of the ad revenue. 

Participate in gaming tournaments and earn money 

If you love playing games and have the skills, one of the easiest ways to make money is participating in gaming tournaments. There are several PayPal games for real money that you can check out and install on your device. These games offer real cash rewards and prizes. 

You need to check out the ongoing tournaments and pay an entry fee. Once you have entered the contest, you need to showcase your skills to dominate the leaderboard. You will get the prize money if you can beat the other opponents. You can instantly transfer your winnings to your account. 

However, before participating in a money-making contest, ensure your state doesn’t levy any restrictions on such games. A few states in the US are still against such games. If so, you cannot participate in tournaments, but you can play the games for free to get entertainment. 

Volunteer to test games and get paid 

Online games go through several phases of development before they are released to the public. When the game development process has almost completed, developers and game makers look for outsiders to test their games. They seek a fresh pair of eyes to test every aspect of their game. As a tester, you will have to find and document issues and bugs you might encounter when playing the game. 

If you love playing games, this can be a great way to try out the new games before they are launched and get paid. 

Are you interested in becoming a tester? If so, you can check out the services like BetaTesting and PlaytestCloud.  

Create gaming tutorials and gaming guides 

Many newbies love to read gaming tutorials and guides before playing a game, especially multiplayer games. Therefore, there is a huge market for making money by creating well-crafted gaming guides to help beginners get the hang of the game and learn all the strategies. 

You can take several different routes to create such gaming tutorials. You can create a website where you can talk about different games. You can also create eBooks or video tutorials. However, before you make these guides, ensure to play the game several times to know all the ins and outs of the game. 

You can monetize your efforts through ads and sponsorships. You can also get donations. 

Become a games journalist

New games are hitting the market now and then. Someone needs to report the avid gamers about them. You can become a games journalist, write reviews and news articles, and even interview new game makers. You can deal with specific industries or genres of games. 

It is not easy being a games journalist. You will have to gather in-depth information on all the games being released in the market, even before they have been launched. You have to offer pre-launch details to the avid gamers and then talk about the game once it is available on the App Stores. It might also be helpful if you can play the games to understand what gamers might be experiencing and try to write articles and reviews that are as close to the truth as possible. 

However, becoming a games journalist is easier said than done. The market is competitive, and you need to have a strong portfolio. Also, you must have impeccable writing skills. It would be best if you had the power to sway gamers through your words even before they have installed the game. 

You can also start your website or blogging site to talk about games and create a niche audience. You can earn through affiliate marketing, ads, and sponsorships. You can even upload videos of playing the games to develop an interest among your readers. 

The bottom line

Playing games is pretty fun and exciting. The excitement goes a notch higher when you can make money through it. Most people feel guilty playing games because they think they waste their precious time. But when you start to earn extra money, you won’t have to feel guilty, and you can do what you love without any second thoughts. 

So, the list mentioned above puts down some of the ways you earn money playing games. You can also do your research to come up with more innovative ways. For instance, you can become a professional gamer and adopt playing games as a way of life. It can be your primary income if you are passionate about it and have the skills.


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