How To Edit A Comment On Instagram


It’s a common experience where most of us have gone through where you leave an Instagram comment on some post and quickly come to regret it. In this guide, we’ll show you how to deal with such comments on an Instagram app that you’d be better off without how to delete comments and edit comments on Instagram.

There’s not a straightaway edit icon on Instagram comments unfortunately unlike some other platforms. However, there are some steps you can take. We’ll circle back to them.Buy Instagram likes

How To Delete Comments On The Instagram App

There are only two types of comments that you have power over and which you can affect: your comments on other people’s posts and other people’s comments on your posts.

You can’t delete or edit other people’s comments on other people’s posts. If you could that would be weird. You can report such comments however if you think they’re inappropriate or illegal for the app by using the speech bubble icon with an exclamation mark in it.

Delete An Instagram Comment From Your Account

If you have a problem with the comments people left on your Instagram posts, you might want to delete them.

Note that a person can visit your profile to look for the photos or videos they left a comment on and leave with disappointment and heartbreak. Make sure you won’t regret deleting comments from people you care about.

Wondering More About Instagram?

Go to your profile by tapping the icon, then tap on your post that you want to delete a comment. Here you’ll be greeted by the comments section with all the comments lined up one comment on top of another.

Tap and hold on to the comment you want to delete. Here in the top right corner, three icons will appear. Tap on the trash can icon to simply delete Instagram comments.Buy Instagram Followers

This procedure may work differently on Android or iOS and depending on the software and app version. On Android, the trash can icon is colorless while it can be read as trash or a red banner on some other devices. You also may need to swipe left the comments and not tap and hold. After swiping left the red trash icon appears on the right end of the comment.

Next to the trash icon, you’ll see also a pin icon, you can tap on it to pin certain comments on your profile. Many people use this to pin a certain Instagram comment to their post because they find it funny, extraordinary or they are from special someone. Thus, only people whose comments are pinned will appear at the top of the comments section. Instagram introduced pinning comments relatively recently. Famous people who get many comments like using it. Visit 1394ta for more followers like this.

How To Block Comments on Instagram

Instagram has a recent feature that allows you to block comments on your posts so your followers can’t leave them.

To use this feature: tap on the specific post you want to block comments from, tap on the three dots, and simply select “Turn off commenting”

Your followers won’t be able to comment on the post now. To hide comments that are already posted, you can delete them. 

You also have the chance to add genuine Instagram followers from 1394ta to have convenient comments on your posts.

Delete Your Instagram Comment From Someone Else’s Post

Now you comment that you’re not happy with and not others’ comments on your posts. You can’t directly edit comments on Instagram unfortunately but delete and leave a new comment as the edited version. This section will not show you how to edit comments but how to delete comments on Instagram completely.

To delete an Instagram comment you left yourself: go to the Instagram account of the user whom you left a comment on their post by search or other ways. Tap on the specific post from the person’s profile to find the one Instagram comment you want to delete.

After you find the Instagram post, go to the comments section, tap, and hold on to the comment box of your comment. Here a pop-up will appear showing you what to do with your comment. To delete a comment on Instagram simply tap on the trash icon.

It’s the only icon anyway as you can’t pin your comment on others’ posts or report them. That would be weird.

Where To Find All Your Comments

To delete a comment one by one might be too time-consuming and tedious. If you’re deleting all of your comments or all comments before a certain year or something there’s a section on Instagram where you can find an old comment from many years ago.

In this way, you don’t need to worry about finding an old person’s profile to see your comment and all that stuff as all comments on Instagram are in one place.

Your Activity Section

To find all your comments on Instagram: Go to your profile from the bottom right corner and tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the screen. Go to the “Your Activity” section and select “Interaction”. Here is kept all the heart icons you leave on posts and comments you write on posts.

The record is kept since the creation of your Instagram account although the feature is relatively recent.

Tap on the “Comments” section to see all the previous comments you left. Here a comment is shown with the owner of the post on top of it. You can click post to visit the post you left a comment on. You can tap on the comment on Instagram that you left to delete it as we’ve shown or edit a comment.

Delete All Comments On Instagram

Here you don’t have to go over each comment individually but select them cumulatively to delete them in batches. Select all the comments you want to delete and simply be done with it.

How To Edit Comments On Instagram

Instagram doesn’t have a comment editing option as we’ve said. You can edit a comment manually, however.

To edit a comment on Instagram: tap and hold on to the comment you want to edit. Delete it first by using the trash icon as we’ve shown. Write a new comment you’re happy with and you’ll be editing by this repost.

This isn’t a regular edit option. If you want to edit a comment from a post that is too old it may look strange to the post owner. It’s better to not be posting and leaving an Instagram comment on a post that is too old. Just delete it or leave the comment as it is.

Copy Paste The Comment

There’s another way if you want to edit your posted comment. If it’s a long comment and one you want to work harder on: go to the Instagram post by search or from your activity, find the posted comment, copy paste the comment to a Word document or notepad.

You can edit the comment from here and work as long as you want on it unlike instant deleting and commenting on a new one on the post. When you’re done delete the original comment from the post and repost your edited version.


How To Edit Instagram Captions

To edit captions can be thought to edit comments on Instagram since captions serve as your comments on your posts.

You can edit captions on your Instagram post unlike actual comments thankfully.

To edit your caption on a photo on the app: search and find the post from your Instagram account, tap on three horizontal dots at the top right of the post, and select “Edit”.

Here you can edit comments as captions on your posts.

How To Hide Like Count On Your Post

You may want to hide the total number of likes on your post for a less pressured posting. The total count can have adverse effects on your self-perception of your posts.

To hide like count: Tap on the post and the three dots again and select “Hide like count”. It will disappear right away. Also, you may add 1394ta’s original Instagram likes to your post and there is no need to hide the likes, only makes your post looks more credible.

To hide all like counts on Instagram, you can use the option from the settings.

How To Hide Comments On Your Instagram Posts

You can hide certain people’s comments on your posts by restricting the user’s account. This is a new feature for those who may think that blocking the comment leaver by too harsh.

When you restrict a certain user they can see your posts and leave comments on them but you don’t see them. They see their comments but for you, it’s like there aren’t any comments. This is useful if certain users leave unwanted comments on your posts but you know them and can’t use blocking.

Finally, some peace of mind!

To restrict a user: search and find their profile on the app, tap on three dots at the top right corner and select “Restrict”.

Note that if you see this certain user in real life, they may ask about the recent comment they left on your photo or something and it can be awkward.


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