A Quick Guide To Safely Trying Edibles


Edibles have become increasingly popular over the past few years. In fact, more people use them than smoke. This is because they are much safer than smoking. Edibles can also give you a better high because they don’t make you feel as “stoned”.

An edible is a consumable product that contains THC (the active ingredient in marijuana). They come in different shapes and sizes. Edibles are the preferred method of consuming weed for many. It is incorporated into a variety of food or drink recipes, thanks to infused butter and oil. 

The effects of edibles take longer to kick in and last longer than smoking. The best way to consume cannabis is to eat it. However, there are some things you need to know before attempting to consume CBD Edibles.

This is a guide into safely trying edibles for beginners and those with less experience preparing or taking edibles. 

Why Edibles Are Best For Beginners

Firstly, edibles offer a great experience for beginners and people who are more used to smoking weed. This is because of the increased amount of control that you have over the dosage in comparison to smoking. It is also better for your lungs and health in general. 

You don’t have to worry about inhaling smoke as much when you use an edible. Edibles allow people who are new to cannabis to try out products without having to risk their health by smoking.

Having more control over the dosage comes from making your own infused oil or butter. This is often known as magic butter, and it can be used in your favorite recipes to create tasty treats that have a relaxing effect on the body. If you want to get started making your own edibles, check out the best infused magical butter recipes. 

Although the weed in the edibles takes longer to generate a response within the body, the effects usually last longer than smoking. This allows beginners to get the full experience and avoid any initial effects. 

Slow And Steady

Something to remember when it comes to trying edibles for the first time is to go slow. Remember that cannabis enters the body differently in this way than when it is being smoked. This means that it will take longer to enter the bloodstream. 

Consider using a smaller amount of magic butter when you are adding some to cake batter, cookies, brownies, or any savory dish, and topping up the remaining fat content with regular butter. This can allow you to experience the effects without going to extremes, especially if it is your first time, or if you have a low tolerance. 


When you are experimenting with edibles for the first time, it’s important to acknowledge the two key contributors that can influence the effects on your body. Both THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) can be found in the cannabis plant. 

CBD is responsible for the anti-inflammatory response that weed usually has on the body. This plays a role in reducing chronic pain in joints and muscles, and what makes cannabis so useful within the medical world. 

THC is what makes you feel incapacitated, due to the impact it has on the brain. It can also be used in pain management, however. As a general rule, the more THC an edible contains, the more potent it is. This will make you feel more stoned, so it’s worth looking to start with edibles that have a 50/50 THC and CBD ratio. 

What’s My Dosage?

While everyone will naturally have a different tolerance for cannabis, it is recommended that beginners stick to around 5 milligrams when they are trying edibles. This can be a good baseline measure to see how your body reacts to it without taking too much. 

Try to focus on edibles with very low potency at first, so that you know what your body can handle. This is the key to staying safe and enjoying your experience without having any negative consequences. 


Edibles can provide a great experience when the correct dosage is used, and it is definitely worth trying to start off small at first. Even if you think that you have a higher tolerance, edibles take a while to come into full effect, and a little really does go a long way. 

Consider adding small amounts of magic butter to your food, or looking for edibles with 50/50 THC CBD ratio. This can prevent you from having a more intense experience on the whole. 


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