4 Steps to Take to Support a Survivor of Sexual Assault

Steps to Take to Support
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Sexual assault is a major social problem globally. The impacts of sexual assault are long-lasting and are detrimental to the victim’s wellbeing, in terms of negative mental and physical impacts. Survivors of sexual assault need adequate assistance from various personnel, such as experienced sexual assault attorneys, medical experts, and counselors. Steps to Take to Support them-

What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault is described as acts of unwanted sexual contact. It usually happens through coercion and without consent. Sexual assault includes rape, seduction, forcible sodomy, marital rape, and incest. 

A sexual assault attorney  is a professional who can help you fight your court case when it comes to cases of abuse or assault to children, teens, or adults..

Steps to support a survivor of sexual assault

After going through the ordeal of sexual assault, most survivors are normally confused and do not know which course of action to take. In such cases, it is only advisable that you be there for the victims and give them support through active listening without judgment and finding external help for them.

The top priority is the survivor’s safety, Steps to Take to Support-

The first step in helping survivors of sexual assault is to make sure they are physically and psychologically well. This involves taking them to the hospital for medical examination to reveal injuries that might not be visible and to seek professionals who can establish their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Report the assault

After a thorough consultation with the victim and other professionals, the next step is to report the assault. In most cases, when the victim goes to a hospital for examination, the hospital will report the crime to the police. In cases where the victim is not willing to talk to the police, it is essential to give the survivor enough time to decide, and perhaps the survivor might, later on, resolve to disclose information relating to the assault.

Contact a reputable sexual assault attorney

The sexual assault attorney undertakes the needed assessment, which helps determine if the case can proceed. As part of showing love and support to the victim, offer to accompany the victim when visiting the sexual assault attorney.

After reporting the sexual assault incident, a sexual assault attorney will guide the process, including filing criminal charges against the perpetrators. While waiting for actions and advice from the sexual assault attorney, there is no need to take further action, such as making threats to the suspect because this might further trigger a sense of insecurity to the victim. But, you can still file for protective order with the assistance of one of the most proficient protective order lawyers to protect you against further abuse.

Find a counsellor

Sexual assault is a serious crime associated with short- and long-term effects on the survivor. For the sexual assault survivor to cope with such effects and eventually recover, it is essential to encourage them to seek support from counselors.

A counselor who offers insightful information concerning sexual assault cases plays a critical part in providing services, such as psychotherapy and sex therapy. Such helps victims come to terms with their traumatizing experiences. The survivors can also seek support through crisis lines and support groups. Before seeking external help, it is crucial to ask for permission from the survivors and maintain confidentiality.


With the above information, you can now support any person who is a victim of sexual assault and guide them in getting a sexual assault attorney to fight for their rights. 


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