Everything You Should Know Before Building A Custom Home


Creating your own home is the ultimate dream for many people. It allows you to create the space you need, organize the flow of your home, and even choose the perfect plot. Of course, the procedure can be complicated. But, with approximately 20% of new homes being custom-built, it remains a popular and satisfying option.  But, before you get started there are a few things you should know about A Custom Home.

Can You Do It Yourself?

Yes, it is possible to do everything yourself. However, unless you are an experienced builder, you’re likely to find it beneficial to speak to a specialist in custom-built homes. They have the experience and knowledge to make sure you think of everything before you start building. You will be surprised at what you overlook without their help.


On average you should allow two years to complete the project from scratch. That includes creating your drawings, enlisting the help of an architect, and getting the builders onboard. 

Of course, it is possible to do the build faster but, if you’re building a dream home, it’s advisable to take a little longer and get it right.


One of the most important steps in the process is finding the right plot. Ideally, this is the first thing you look for. You’ll need to ensure you are purchasing land that can be constructed on and find somewhere that gives you the convenience and views you want. 

Once you have the plot and have created an outline, your architect will create the detailed plans and you’ll need to apply for planning permission. It’s important to know what is and isn’t likely to be approved by your local planning office. It will make it easier to get permission on the first attempt.

It’s normal to be asked for more details and for this process to take weeks. 

The Survey

As soon as you have got planning permission a survey will be done. This will confirm the plot, specifically, it will mark the boundary of your plot and show the topographical information. 

Building Permits

It’s usually the case for custom-built houses that a building permit can’t be applied for until after planning permission has been given. In effect, this is your local council saying that the build can go ahead providing you stick to the approved plans. 

Of course, to apply for building permits you need to be ready to start building. 

If you are doing this yourself then you’ll want to know when the compliance tests will be done, this will ensure your property is too standard and ready for each test. 

Most people prefer to use the services of custom home builders as they have the experience and knowledge to quickly erect any home.  

You will need to have chosen your builder before you can be issued a building permit. This is because part of the process is confirming the builder is properly insured and registered. 

To successfully complete your custom built home you will need patience. It’s also advisable to keep an eye on current trends in case you want to incorporate any into your home.



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