Features To Look for When Upgrading Rims & Tires

Upgrading Rims

When you are shopping for new car or truck rims and tires, you want to find the right combination for your unique requirements for Upgrading Rims. There are so many options available, and each one seems to be suited to different situations. Therefore, you need to have a little knowledge about rims and tires before you shop. Looking for the following features will help you make an informed decision.

Rim Material & Strength

For rims, there are three major factors: material, size and design. Size is determined by the physical specifications of your vehicle and design is a matter of preference. So, the main thing you need to be thinking about is the construction of the rim.

Typically, rims are either made from steel or an aluminum alloy. The former is heavier but stronger and the latter is lighter but may be prone to cracking if it experiences a major shock. Off-roaders often prefer steel wheels. People who want track performance typically prefer aluminum (or even carbon fiber on some vehicles).

Tire Features & Speed Rating

You will also want to think about the features of your tires. One of the most important considerations is the speed rating. This is the maximum speed that the tire can reasonably handle. If you are taking a sports car on the track, you probably don’t want a tire that tops out around 100 miles per hour.

Additionally, you will want to think about the tire compound. Winter and summer tires have different compounds to better fit the weather, for example.

Tread Pattern

Of course, one of the most important parts of a tire, especially for off-road enthusiasts is the tread pattern. How the wheel handles mud, snow, debris and dirt has a big impact on the vehicle’s off-road performance.

Keep in mind that tread patterns, especially more performant ones, are often specialized. So, you can’t expect an off-road tire to perform as well on the road. Similarly, a great tire for taking on snow will not handle mud as well.

Tire manufacturers put a lot of research and development effort into making better tread patterns. So, if you have the budget for a premium brand, you can get some really impressive tires. Try checking out some reviews to see how they handle in the real world.

Tire-to-Wheel Ratio

One of the key measurements for tires is the size of the sidewall. This is the additional diameter that the tire adds to the wheel. A lot of people like the look of big rims and skinnier tires. This is in vogue, especially on premium SUVs, despite its negative impact on comfort and noise.

Of course, if you are going off-road, you need thick tires. Think about the appropriate tire-to-wheel ratio for your use case.

Learn More About Buying Tires and Rims

The above information will help you to make a careful buying decision for your tires and upgrading rims. You can also pick up some wheel accessories such as black lugs to help complete the look. Find the right parts for your vehicle today.


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