How to wish birthdays to dog lovers?

wish birthdays to dog lovers

Well, a dog lover is certainly a one of its kind breeds. Someone who loves their canine friends and can do anything for them. Such people are the nicest, sweetest and most selfless group you can meet in your life. Caring deeply not just for their dogs but everyone else with a big heart, enhancing their empathy, affection and loyalty as they make all the effort and time to make their four-legged friends feel wanted.

Dogs are the most incredible animals you will come across. They are affectionate, smart, caring, loyal and charming. There is a reason, they are known as a man’s best friend. And, so when a dog lover has their birthday, the most special thing you can do for them is include their best friend- their canine- in the party.

Because caring for a dog isn’t a simple task, a dog lover deserves a full-fledged celebration, especially on their birthday. When someone loves their dog, nothing will make them happier on their birthday than a meaningful gift which works as a reminder of their darling pet. If you need some inspiration on how to wish birthdays to a dog lovers, then read on:

Custom coffee mug for dog lovers

Everyone uses a mug these days. Be it drinking tea, coffee or any other drink, a good mug is one of the best gifts. If you have a dog lover, then gifting a custom pet coffee mug is the best gift you can choose.

These appealing mugs make a dog lover proudly showcase their fondness for their pet on their mug. So, pick a good picture of their dog and personalize their portrait on the mug.

Custom pet fleece blanket

Who doesn’t like snuggling and binging on Netflix with their dog after long hours at work. There is no better thing to do- except sharing a comfy, cozy, soft customized pet blanket.

With Printing with Paws, you can order custom pet blankets for their dog to allow your friend to have some cozy and compassionate time with your friend. These blankets are amazingly soft and perfect to share for the pet and the owner. The portrait of their pet will look incredibly beautiful. It is one of a kind and something every dog owner will cherish.

Custom dog poster

If you really want to make your friend’s birthday special, then gift them a dog poster custom on their big day. Well, nothing can replace this beautiful gift. It works as a pleasing surprise for the owner and every time they will look at the poster, they will definitely think of you and your thoughtful gift idea.

At Printing with Paws, we take extra care to treat every pet lover with love and affection. We make the person feel loved and happy by seeing their pets on different things such as blankets, mugs, posters, frames and pillows. So, gift a portrait of your friend’s best friend to make their birthday special and memorable and spend some quality time with them and their pet.


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