Photo frame wall art – A photo professionally framed by Humiio can create a true statement in an interior


All tables and chairs are in place. There are several plants in the room. Yet something is missing. What are you going to do with all those bare walls? Painting a wall a different color is not the solution, since you still have many large bare surfaces left. Why not hang a work of art on the wall? By hanging beautiful art on the wall, you give the room a completely new atmosphere. In this blog we give you five inspirational tips about which art you can best hang on your wall.

Large paintings and professionally framed on the wall

The most effective way to turn your boring wall into a highlight is to hang a large painting into fine art framing. The moment you hang a new work of art on the wall, it is immediately a real eye-catcher for everyone who comes in. Like everyone else, you have your own taste and you would like to translate that taste of your room into your painting. That is why we have a very wide range of large paintings in different styles for your wall. For example, we have recently greatly expanded our range of large paintings. Part of this is a whole new collection of abstract paintings that you can hang on the wall. The unique thing about an abstract work of art is that everyone sees something different in it. So it always remains a surprise what someone’s interpretation is.

Photo wall art by Humiio

Is your style more suited to photo art paintings? You can also find those at the online shop of Humiio. These artworks are photo realistic and display unique images. In our range you will find abstract portraits photography of animals, but also of famous cities. View the wide range of Humiio art and make your choice. Photo art paintings on your wall are the new interior trend. What makes photo art paintings so popular is that they all display unique images. So although they are very popular, you always get a unique work of art. Some examples are beautiful cities, beaches, animals, people and views. And all the different options are available within different styles.

Flower paintings on the wall

Do you have a cheerful room? And would you also like cheerful art on the wall? Then choose flower paintings! The nice thing about these works of art is that they are often relatively small in size, so you can hang them throughout your house. In addition, they often contain cheerful colors and different types of flowers so that you can always vary. Make a quick choice from our dozens of products. Many people have several flower varieties that they find very beautiful. You often see that they have a beautiful vase at home with that type of flower in it. Only the disadvantage of flowers in a vase is that they die over time. You are then forced to throw them away, buy new ones and then they no longer contribute to brightening up your interior. Sin! With our flower paintings on your wall, you can view your favorite flowers for years to come.


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