What Are the Different Types of Cremation Jewelry?


The death of someone you love is one of the most painful happenings in our lives. The idea that you will not be able to hold them nor see them is difficult to accept. 

Even though you want to move on, you’d still want to hang on to their memories and keep them close to you forever.

So how can you celebrate a deceased loved one? How do you remember a soul without hurting too much?

Cremation jewelry is a great opportunity to honor a loved one that you lost. They are a subtle and unique memorial allowing you to bring a piece of their soul with you through day-to-day life.

We listed down the different types of cremation jewelry to help you know which keepsake fits you the best.

Cremation Rings 

Wearing a cremation ring is like holding a departed loved one by the hand at all times. 

You may also opt to turn the ring into a family heirloom, an engagement or wedding ring, or simply a personal memorial.

Most cremation jewelry shops feature sterling silver, 14k gold, and handcrafted materials — a perfect resting place for your loved one’s solidified remains. 

You can also choose among various styles, designs, colors, and sizes based on your preference.

Cremation Necklaces

A cremation necklace is one of the best ways to honor your loved ones while keeping them close to your heart. 

Necklaces are especially an ideal medium for a piece of your deceased loved one since it rests on your chest.

They are a wonderful token for a somber occasion, adding a comforting weight of memory to soothe the pain of losing them. You also have a wide array of options to choose from, pendants, lockets, to glass necklaces.

Cremation Bracelets

Cremation bracelets are another favorite choice to pay tribute to the soul that you once loved dearly. 

You may not be able to hold them nor see them again, but with this jewelry, you’ll always have them nearby at an arm’s length. 

This will definitely help cope with your loss while representing the love you shared.

A number of premium and high-quality charms and designs are available to incorporate with their remains.  

Cremation Earrings

This piece of rare and premium jewelry can forever memorialize your loved one’s life. Cherish the special memories and moments you held with them with this subtle keepsake. 

There are many cremation earrings styles and designs to cater to your taste, and best encapsulate the connection you shared with them.

You may go with some simple and minimalistic designs or add a precious gemstone.

The connection you shared with them will be encapsulated in these pieces of cremation jewelry wherever you go. You may never see them again, but these allow you to carry the beautiful memories you’ve created together. 

Now, you don’t need to completely forget them anymore. If you want to keep holding onto their memories, then you might have an idea of which memorial piece is right for you. 

Keep your departed loved ones close by your side with these wonderful pieces of cremation jewelry.


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