How to deal with an accident with your car

deal an accident with car

A car brings many freedoms, you can move wherever you want. But you also run the risk of a traffic accident in the car. This often involves many complaints and restrictions. In this article, you can read how to deal with an accident with your car and how you can recover your damage as a result of an accident.

Involved in a car accident, now what?

If you have been involved in a car accident, the person who is liable must compensate for the damage suffered by the injury victim. Damage as a result of a traffic accident is called personal injury.

After a car accident, it is very important that you fill in a European Claim Form. You can simply find these on the internet. Both parties then fill in what happened and draw a sketch of the situation. The cause of the accident is then established. Are you in doubt whether the other party will fill in the accident claim form truthfully? Then call the police. They sometimes also come to the scene independently after a car accident.

Have you been hit by a rear-end collision, for example? Then you are entitled to personal injury compensation. You can call on a personal injury specialist or personal injury lawyer for this.

What is personal injury?

Personal injury is the damage you suffer as a result of an accident. This usually concerns a car accident, but you can also suffer injury as a result of an industrial accident or dog bite (Dutch: hondenbeet).

Personal injury consists of many types of damaged items. These can be divided into material damage items and intangible damaged items, also known as compensation for damages. Smart money is compensation for pain complaints and anxiety complaints that apply due to the collision in the car.

Material is all damaged items that can be valued in money. This concerns medical costs. Because after a car accident with injury, you often receive medical treatment. But it is also possible that you are no longer able to work due to a traffic accident. This is also damage that is compensated. All these costs and damage are part of your personal injury compensation (Dutch: letselschade vergoeding).

Is someone else liable for the accident? Then in some European countries, you are entitled to legal assistance from a free personal injury lawyer. This is the case, for example, in the Netherlands. After you have been hit by a car in Rotterdam, for example, you are entitled to free assistance from a personal injury lawyer from Rotterdam (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Rotterdam).


Driving gives a lot of freedom. Unfortunately, there are regular accidents with cars resulting in injuries. This can be recovered from the liable party and you are then entitled to compensation for personal injury.



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