Diets and How You Approach Eating

Approach Eating

Your health is one of the most important aspects of your life and one aspect of our life that can greatly impact your health is your weight. Many people try diets to lose weight and quickly become downtrodden with the concept when they don’t get the results they want.

Diets can fail for a multitude of reasons however, the key aspect often isn’t the person it’s the methods used and the approach to the diet itself. Tools such as can help guide you through the diet process and reduce hurdles such as binge-eating.

Why Diets Fail

There are many reasons diets fail and in some cases, there can be multiple reasons. Many people when they first start to diet take it to extreme measures creating a diet that is unrealistic (or unable) to be followed long term. Also, when designing a diet there is the danger of making it too restrictive. While you may want to eliminate some notably unhealthy foods removing everything you enjoy can make your diet hard to follow and even a hindrance to your life. Finally, there is binge-eating which can occur due to an emotional or physical reaction to your diet and can undermine your progress it is often accompanied by some of the above causes.

It is important to remember that diets are supposed to be long-term solutions that change patterns of behavior and those diets that do succeed are ones that you can live with long term. Diets are not ‘all or nothing’ nor should they be and even some minor changes or small progress is better than nothing. Diets are a process and need to be designed to work with you in addition they can take time as you adjust your eating habits, behavior, and even emotional state.

The Dangers of Binge-Eating

Binge-eating is a serious concern that is defined as eating large amounts of food in a single setting far beyond what you would normally would in a single setting. While everyone may do this every so often (such as holidays) binge-eating is done far more often and on a far more consistent basis. When dieting binge-eating can increase or occur due to changes in dietary habits such as the amount eaten, number of meals, and the types of food you’re eating.

Binge-eating can also be caused by stress or your emotional state and changing your diet can easily cause an emotional response as the food you eat is an important part of daily life. Understanding your emotional state and how you relate to food on both a psychological and physical level is a key step in controlling binge-eating responses.

Final Thoughts

When you first start a diet it is very easy to become discouraged due to setbacks and think diets simply don’t work for you. However, it is important to know that you are not the problem and the reason your diet isn’t working can range from the diet itself, your approach, and your behavior patterns. Diets can be improved upon and with support and awareness. A nutrition coach at Rise Lean can change your relationship with food. With work, you can make your diet work for you have successful, lasting weight loss. you can change how you behave as it relates to food. With work, you can make your diet work for you and change the way you approach food.


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