Alberta Travel Restrictions: Should You Visit The Place?

Alberta travel restrictions
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Alberta has some of the best sceneries from Canada and is also the home to around five UNESCO world heritage sites. Who wouldn’t want to visit Alberta? With the travel restrictions easing in several places, many of them are allowing the entry of international travelers. However, it is still necessary to be familiar with Alberta travel restrictions to prevent the risk of any unwanted event. 

Alberta travel restrictions

If you are planning your travel to Alberta, it is advisable to do your research properly. During the times of Covid-19, there are several travel restrictions between provinces. Therefore, you may have a tough time visiting some of the best places. 

A Little about Alberta

Before proceeding to know the Alberta travel restrictions, it is advisable to be familiar with Alberta. Alberta is located in Western Canada and has beautiful scenic views. There are desert badlands, vast coniferous forests, and mountains. Moreover, it is also home to rich mineral deposits and around 600 lakes. 

Once you travel to Alberta, you will be surprised to know how affordable it is. Moreover, it is hailed to be one of the most reasonable places to live in Canada. While many people have good salaries, the cost of living is pretty cheap unlike other places in Canada. Therefore, one can easily save a significant amount. 

Alberta travel restrictions

There are still many Alberta travel restrictions. While the government is surely making an effort to ease these, some provinces are still not free from COVID-19. International travel is one of the biggest threats and can lead to serious issues; many planes are still banned. 

Travel restrictions between provinces

If you are flying or driving within Canada, there are no such hard rules. However, it is necessary to be familiar with the rules and restrictions. While you may think that many of these regulations may be eased off, it is advisable to be very careful in the long run. 

Check the travel restrictions between provinces.

Every province of Canada has its website. These websites are the best place to gather information about restrictions and rules. Moreover, even if you’re traveling between provinces, you will need to show the quarantine requirement. 

There are still many provinces in Canada that do have travel restrictions, and British Columbia is one of them. Therefore, if you’re traveling to Canada’s British Columbia, you will need to be extremely careful. However, there are no further restrictions in Alberta. Nonetheless, you will be tested on your arrival to the province. 

International travel: A Threat

International travel has been a threat since the spread of Covid-19. Many countries are putting in efforts to restrict or prevent unwanted foreign entry within their countries. 

Alberta has been open to all since July 1. All kinds of restrictions were lifted. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful about the events. Many places within Alberta have called for dropping off the mandatory mask regulation. Permanent residents of Alberta are free to travel within the state. Moreover, the 14-day quarantine compulsion has been lifted. Whether or not it will be applicable for other travelers is still debatable. 

Also, government officials state that the travelers will need to show their vaccination documents. Also, it is necessary to submit all the information asked by the government to avoid any hassle. 

Are there any new cases in Alberta?

Alberta has played an inspiring role in flattening the curve. It is their joint venture that has allowed businesses to function easily. The daily count of cases is decreasing day by day. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that soon the number of cases will be negligible. The Alberta Health Council constantly updates data about health each day. 


Alberta is taking the vaccination drive pretty seriously. It is monitoring the vaccination percentage since July 2020. 41% of Albertans have received complete vaccine doses, while 62% of them are yet to receive their second dose. 

Alberta travel restrictions
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Not only adults, but the Albertan government is also making an effort to vaccinate the young members. Therefore, kids are also being vaccinated. Once your date arrives, you can easily apply for vaccination. Moreover, the government is bringing innovative measures to ensure everyone takes the vaccine. The Albertan government is offering around $3 million lottery winnings. 

Well, it is not fake. Tracey Mclvor has already been awarded as the first winner. The Albertan residents have several opportunities to win the lottery. All they need to do is take their vaccine on time. 

Places to visit in Alberta

Since there are very low Alberta travel restrictions, you can visit many of the tourist places. If you’re a fan of mountains, lakes, and nature, you should totally consider visiting Alberta but prepare for the trip. Some of the best places that will bring you one step closer to nature include the following

Banff National Park

This is one of the best places to visit when you’re in Alberta. It is located 130km to the western side of Calgary. If you’re a fan of mountain scenery, you will love Banff national park. 

Furthermore, Banff national park is also rich in wildlife. It has black bears, caribou, wolves, and grizzly bears. Hiking and camping are some of the best activities to indulge in. The view of lakes and glaciers while hiking is definitely worth all the pain. 

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Alberta. It falls in the Valley of Ten Peaks. The hiking trail around Moraine Lake is the popular Rockpile trail. While visiting this place, you will get to see several falling glaciers and landslides only during spring. 

Alberta travel restrictions
Source: Banff and Lake Louise Tourism

Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is yet another popular national park. It is one of the biggest national parks in Canada. Maligne Lake is one of the most popular sightings around Jasper Park. Winters can be really fun here as you get many opportunities to indulge in skiing and such activities. 

Final Thoughts

There are still many Alberta travel restrictions. Therefore, it is advisable to do your proper research before indulging in traveling to this place. An online guide and constantly checking the website of these places, however, can be of great help. Want to visit favorite locations in BC


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