How to Talk to Your Loved One About Drug Rehabilitation

Drug Rehab

It can be heartbreaking to know that your loved one may have a drug or alcohol addiction. You probably feel like you know what’s best for that person. However, you may be afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing. These are some tips for talking to your loved one about possible addiction and suggesting drug rehabilitation services for help.

Don’t Assume

The most important thing to remember when you’re trying to help someone who may be involved in drugs or alcohol is not to assume anything. You won’t know for sure until you gather all the clues, put them together, and then receive admission from the other party. It isn’t definite until you know for sure. Therefore, you must handle the situation very carefully.

Don’t Bombard the Person

Some families believe that interventions are the best option. They do have certain benefits. However, it might be better if you talk to your loved one in a one-on-one manner. Someone who is in the midst of addiction might find it easier to talk about it if you wait until a time when no one else is around and approach the person in a calm manner. Some people get defensive when a group of people approaches them. You’ll want to keep the conversation trusting and neutral. Thus, it might be best to keep the initial conversation between the two of you.

Speak in a Loving Manner

Always keep the conversation loving. In other words, don’t pass judgment on the other person. Addiction is something that affects millions of people in the world. Your family member is suffering from something that takes a toll on the body and mind, as well. Therefore, you should try not to hold any of his or her recent behaviors against that person. Drug and alcohol addiction often takes people out of character and causes them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Avoid pointing the finger or shaming the individual about any unscrupulous or criminal activities he or she may have done as a result of the addiction.

Reassure That Person You’re There

Lack of support is one of the biggest reasons people fail to get help when they have addictions. It’s easier to lean on the addiction when a person feels as though there is no one to turn to. Addicted persons who feel like everyone is against them tend to latch onto the addiction, as well. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to foster a sense of trust and support during your conversation with this special person. Sometimes, support is all a person needs to motivate them to do better.

Offer to Help the Person Find Rehab Services

Another thing you can do after you bring up the subject of rehab is an offer to help. Let your loved one know you are there if he or she needs help finding a rehabilitation center. Then, you can become actively involved in doing so. You can search for the most reputable institutions and contact them to find out more about their services. You can visit to see if the facility is the type of place your loved one wants to go. Furthermore, you can set up an in-person meeting to see if the facility matches your standards and your loved one’s standards. You may be surprised to find that your loved one wants help just as much as you want to help.

Help Your Loved One To Get Care Today

You can use the above-mentioned methods to try to convince a family member or loved one to get rehabilitation for a drug or alcohol problem. Ultimately, you can force anyone to get help. However, your love and encouragement might convince that person to consider it.


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