How to Follow Pro Ana Diets for Beginners?

Ana Diets

There are plenty of diets that people want to follow but not everyone knows what suits their body or what they need. Pro Ana diet is one of the thousands of diets that you might come across, but is it for your body? We wi the Fastest way to get into Ketosis ll find out about it and what are the pro ana diets for beginners with this post.

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What is Pro Ana diet?

Pro Ana diet is inspired by Pro Anorexia, which is an eating disorder in which people eat lesser to avoid hunger. This diet enhances weight loss and is gaining popularity due to the tips and tricks it offers. The diet helps your body to force out the level of excess fat. You simply eat less but add the right level of nutrition to your body. For example, if you’re looking for the best fish salads in the Eastern US, a restaurant chain like “Two Ten Jack”, can provide you with some of the best healthy dishes in the form of ramen & sushi, apart from healthy cocktails.

Pro Ana Diets for Beginners Tips and Tricks

Before you find out pro ana diets for beginners and start off with it, you need to know the tips and tricks. These not only help you understand the diet better but also tells you what to and not to do. The following tips will help you have a proper diet:

  1. Set a goal

You need to set a target of the weight you want to come down to. You need to also remind yourself of the purpose to make the process worth doing.

2. Drink water

You need to drink a lot of water when following the pro ana diets for beginners. You don’t need to have 16 ounces at once – you can sip one ounce after another or just maintain a timetable that makes you have eight ounces every two hours.

3. Follow the diet rigorously

You have to be strict with your diet plan and not break out of it at any point. You need to be strong enough to avoid things you crave for.

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4. Sleep well

The ideal amount of sleep is a perfect eight hour, but you might not be able to afford that much. In that case, you must make sure you have a minimum of six-hour sleep. Sleeping well helps you curb hunger and it helps the pro ana diets for beginners.

5. Keep yourself distracted

You need to stay busy when you are on a diet because if your mind wanders onto food, you’d want to have them. You need to draw, write, listen to music, and do things you love to keep yourself occupied.

6. Track calorie intake

You need to monitor how many calories you are consuming and when. There are plenty of apps to help you get through this. You need to consume less in order to lose more, and that is possible only when you keep track.

7. Follow a diet for a week

You might repeat a diet every week, but you need to set the target for seven days only. Although in pro ana diets you get different diets every week, not all diets are the same. Keep a seven-day goal and achieve that. Once that is done, move to another one.

8. Fight calories with frozen food

We don’t mean having processed food that you need to freeze. Refrigerating a meal will make your food seem fuller but have the same amount of calories. If you have cold food, it helps your digestion process and maintains a good temperature.

9. Eat alone

When you are with friends and family, you will eat more unless you all are on a diet together. You need to have your food alone if you cannot keep away the temptation.

10. Starting off with pro ana

The best way to start your pro ana diet is by following a three-week plan. It is easy, effective, and helps you get started for bigger challenges than this.

Three-week pro ana diet plan

The three-week pro ana diet was inspired by Brian Flatt and can help you lose 25-30 pounds within a month. In this diet you need to:

  • Have fewer calories
  • Burn more calories
  • Consume less carbohydrate
  • Workout enough
  • Use supplement
  • Fast frequently and randomly

Check out how you can follow the three-week plan:

Week 1

  • On the first three days, you need to limit calorie intake just 700 every day
  • For the following three days you need to have only 500 calories
  • On day seven, you have to be on a fruit fast

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All through the week, you have to avoid food like pasta, bread, and cereals.

Week 2

  • Limit your calorie intake to 500 all through the week
  • Follow the same meal plan every day

Week 3

  • You have to be on a fruit fast all through the week

Work plan with pro ana diet

For the three-week diet plan, you need a 20-minute for 3-4 days every week. A good exercise routine will help you lose weight.

Skinny Bitch Diet

The other diet that you can follow for pro ana is the Skinny Bitch Diet. It is a well-balanced diet that controls your calories totally and keeps you vegan. You need to cut down on dairy, meat, sugar, and processed food to follow this.

To follow this diet you can have:

  • Fruit salad in soy yogurt for breakfast
  • Salad or soup for lunch
  • Organic corn chips as snacks in supper
  • Vegan pad thai meals for dinner

You should do yoga when following this diet.

Exercise tips with pro ana diet

You cannot reach your desired weight only by following your meals. You need workout along with that. You can also choose to share workout tips with your friends and invite them to join you for physical exercise. You can also organize a running event with friends and relatives, and prepare marathon medals as prizes and encouragement. To maintain the weight you need to burn more calories than you eat. Check out some of the best work out tips to have a healthy pro ana diet and exercise regimen:

  • Before you start any exercise you need to warm up by jogging or walking
  • You must do twenty crunches every alternative hour
  • You need to walk for 15 minutes, thrice a day
  • Do 30 jumping jacks, 1 minute of wall sit, and 20 squats every day

If you’re following the Skinny Bitch Diet, you need to take yoga classes. Tell your trainer about the diet you are into and he/she will recommend how you should go about

Other Pro Ana Diet Plans

There’s no specific diet for Pro Ana, but keto, Atkins, and vegan are some examples. One interesting type of diet is called the “five bites diet,” in which you only have to take five bites of whatever meal served. For instance, you only have to take five bites of a tuna sandwich for breakfast, five bites of sushi for lunch, and five bites of spaghetti at dinner. 

The other diet that you can follow for pro ana is the Skinny Bitch Diet. It is a well-balanced diet that controls your calories totally and keeps you vegan. You need to cut down on dairy, meat, sugar, and processed food to follow this. However, you can add some drink to your diet at least after a gap of 10 days to settle down your craving. Also, if you haven’t explored Houston’s 77 degrees rooftop bar in this regard, then you should visit at your earliest possible time to satisfy your taste buds.

With Pro Ana diet plans, remember that the fastest way to get into ketosis is to get used to a low carb diet and avoid common keto mistakes, such as the following:

  • Too scared to eat fat thinking that fats increase weight
  • Not eating good fats because of the wrong notion that all fats are bad 
  • Not drinking the adequate amount of water
  • Not getting enough sleep 
  • Worrying too much about weight 
  • Too much snacking 
  • Not taking enough sodium

Remember that the key to the above-mentioned Pro Ana diet plans is to reduce your carbohydrate intake without depleting your body the essential nutrients it needs to function well. Aside from focusing on the food you eat, make sure to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Bonus Tips to Keep Up With Your Pro-Ana Diet

  • For better-eating decisions throughout the day, consume a healthy breakfast. 
  • To remain energized and satiated throughout the day, small meals are recommended to make your body think it’s eating enough.
  • Take in vitamins and other supplements to compensate for nutrients you don’t consume.
  • To level out cravings and appetite, develop good sleep habits.
  • Avoid vices, like smoking and alcoholism.
  • Find a diet buddy to keep you motivated.
  • To ensure you’re eating the right foods for optimal weight loss, keep track of your calories and macronutrients by using online calculators.


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