How to Make Him Chase You Using Male Psychology?

How to Make a Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology?

Are you recently eyeing a man you think of spending the rest of your life with? Are you looking up the best ways how to make him chase you? Well, it’s time you read ahead.

The article will cover every tiny detail that will attract your dream man towards you. More so, we will help you with some quick tips that will speed up the process! Read ahead, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed after reading our blog!

How to make him chase you?

If you’re wondering how to make him chase you, it is time you start scrolling down! Here is a list of things that will help you do that:

Confidence attracts

Confidence attracts a guy, and be sure it will draw your guy toward you. Show the guy that you are happy with yourself. You can approach the guy first and first make eye contact.

Also, try to use your expressive way your body language to show slight signs but with confidence. And don’t forget to dress well!

Flirt with your man

Start a little bit of flirting and carefully watch him. Try to touch him accidentally, like reach out to something together, bump into the guy or knock elbows.

But remember, it must not show you’re doing it intentionally! The approach has to be subtle and smooth.

Mimic your guy’s mannerisms and movements

If you mimic his facial expressions, postures, mannerisms, and movements, his attraction will increase. But all of this has to be done with a sense of humor. Try to be funny and see how he reacts.

Mimicking him in front of him can be a great way to attract him. However, you must be careful about how and what you’re mimicking him off. You mustn’t joke about sensitive matters!

Take his name while chatting

He will feel important when you do this. This is a nice way of giving a person importance and making him feel you care.

Other guys giving attention to you

Create a situation where you can make him see that other guys are chatting and flirting with you. Try to do this for a short time and observe how he behaves.

If you find he is getting irritated or angry, you can be sure he is developing feelings for you!

How to make him chase you and commit?

Well, when it comes to committing that he likes you, that can be indeed difficult. But when you go through our points below, it should be tough any longer.

Check out the list below and know how to make him chase you and commit:

Show him you are enjoying yourself with friends

It must appear that you’re happier while you’re with friends. And be sure, if he has the slightest feelings for you, he will not like it. Gradually, it will compel him to say to you that he feels a strong desire for you.

Spend time together

Hang out often with your favorite guy and try to be in his mind most of the time. Spending time together will bring you close to your guy. Eventually, it will compel him!

Do exciting things together

You can watch an exciting movie together, play games or do some other interesting work. This will create a bond between you and your guy. Moreover, there might be a situation where he unwillingly lets you know that he has feelings for you!

Delay in texting him back

Avoid replying to the texts at once. Take your time and reply after hours. If you find an urgent text, then you should reply to it immediately.

But at times, delaying in replying can increase tension, which will eventually instigate sharing his feelings with you. Also, could you avoid picking up his calls at times? Well, it might be tough on your part, but it will help tremendously.

Share your passions, hobbies, and career

Share your passions, career planning, goals, and the things on which you’re working now. The guy will find you to be an interesting person and understand that you have a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Let him notice that you are an interesting, confident, ambitious, self-dependent, intelligent, and unique girl. Of course, after telling him about yourself, don’t miss asking him about his ambitions, hobbies, and goals.

Don’t reveal everything at once

Try to be a bit mysterious with the guy you like. If you tell him everything about you at once, he may lose interest. So try to reveal all your emotions, ideas, and thoughts gradually. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

How to make a guy chase you using male psychology?

Using male psychology can be tough when trying to attract him towards you all by yourself. However, the list below will make it easier for you to attract the man of your life. Check out the following:

Be a good psychological game player

Guys can play mind games very well. But you have to learn the art of the game to get him. Avoid contacting him and let the guy chase and contact you.

Show him some signs that you like him, then wait and watch. Don’t ask everything at once. Let him ask you questions and concisely answer him.

Look your best

Guys like good visual things, and by looking your best, be sure to attract your guy. Even though it is not entirely responsible for attracting someone, but physical appearance is the first thing someone sees.

So, please put on your best outfit and get yourself the best look before you’re about to meet him! However, always remember a physical appearance is not entirely responsible for attracting someone.

Avoid being always available

You get attracted to the people and things that are hard for you to get. Similarly, a guy will be more interested in you if he can’t get you. Limit texting and phone calls to him. Even if he texts you, take your time to reply to him.

Show reversed psychology

You have to show the guy opposite things of what you really want. For instance, if you say not to keep any contact for some days, but you will find that he will contact you first in a few days. So, reversed psychology actually works well on the guy, and you will get the things by doing exactly the opposite.

How to Make a Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology?

How to make him chase you in a relationship?

How to make him chase you when you’re already into a relationship? Well, it time you scroll down! Here are some ways if you wish to reignite the lost spark into your relationship. Check out the following:

Try to be mysterious

Be mysterious and don’t share all the things during your first meeting with the guy. Tell him a little bit about your whereabouts in the first meeting. The guy will be curious to know more about you; hence he will chase you.

Be happy

Let him know that you are happy with what you have in your life. You are happy with your friends and family. The guy will chase you when he notices this.

Show him your other options

Have fun with the other guys and let him see. Make him understand that you have other guys in your life, and they want you. He has to compete with the other guys to get you in his life.

Boost the ego of your guy

Try to boost your guy’s ego, and he would love it, and start chasing you. Let the guy make some important decisions. He will feel extremely happy when you give him the importance.

Note: Keep patience

You have to keep patience to make the guy chase you. Stop being pushy; otherwise, he will lose interest. Wait and watch the guy for some days. You may be dying to contact him the whole day and be crazy for him, but don’t show it to him.

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How to make him chase you in a long-distance relationship?

In a long-distance relationship, the chance of a breakup is higher than in a normal relationship. Both of you have to be extremely serious in the relationship to make it a successful one.

Usually, in a long-distance relationship, you cannot meet with your boyfriend regularly and communicate clearly in case of any confusion. As a result, it may lead to some problems and misunderstandings.

So, you have to trust each other well in a long-distance relationship. There can be many reasons for having this kind of relationship. They can be work mutations, origin in separate places, or schooling far.

So, if you’re in one, check out the list below and be sure the spark in the relationship will remain intact:

Listen well

Let him share all the things that are unforgettable, sad, and fun. You should listen to all of them well. React carefully and calmly, keeping in mind his situation.

If he is sad, don’t forget to cheer him up and if he is happy, try to laugh with your guy. This kind of support will make the guy like you and miss you all the more.

Cooperate with him

Try to cooperate with your guy. Avoid being too possessive and support him in all his work. In a long-distance relationship, don’t control your guy or make him jealous.

Take care of him

Take great care of your long-distance boyfriend. Make him feel that he is very precious to you. Try to remember all the little details about him like his birthday and any other important occasions.

At the end of the day, don’t forget to ask him about how he spent the whole day and ask him whether he has eaten anything or not.

Stay connected

It would be best if you stayed connected with him every day. Try to call him at least once a day and keep a good conversation with him. You can play games, discuss a plan, plan for a vacation trip, you may send him simple wishes like goodnight and good morning, surprise him with some special gift or send your amazing pics.

Also, tell him how important he is in your life and what you will do if he comes in front of you.

Give yourself a life

Enjoy with your friends. Go out and post pictures on social media. Let him see how happy you are with them. He would love to see your beautiful smile.

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How to make a man chase you after you slept with him?

There are several ways about how to make a man chase you after you slept with him. Here are the following:

Understand mindset

A guy might have different mindsets. It can be casual sex or serious. So, you must understand what kind of a guy he is and how he is attracted to you.

Knowing this is essential! So, understand the mindset, and only then is it worth going forward in the relationship.

Observe the shift

Your guy may act differently now after making a one-night stand with you. He may think that you will force him into a serious relationship, but all he wanted was casual fun only and did not want to get into any serious commitment. So, he might be feeling worried now.

Try to keep things casual

You may be very serious about him and want to take him to the next level of relationship. But don’t tell him about it immediately after you’ve had a sexual encounter.

Try to keep everything casual at the moment and proceed slowly. Don’t force him or try to jump into him first for doing anything. Let him do it on his own when he is ready for it.

Stay focused

Don’t give all your attention to the guy you love because he will lose interest in you. Give yourself focus to stay happy and healthy. Hold yourself back and keep some mystery in you. Let him come to you first and tell you.

Mix everything

Since your guy is worrying about commitment, let your guy get interested in you after sex. You may play with him some interesting games and have fun. Show him you are a sexy, fun-loving, spontaneous woman, and let him enjoy your company to the fullest. Lead him in a way where he is anxious to know about your next step.

Be confident

Show him that you are super confident. He will chase you more if he finds that you are more confident. Your guy will get attracted and find you sexy.

Make everything sexy

Try to keep things sexy with your guy. Send him some flirty and fun messages and tease him. Tell him how you enjoyed being with him in the bedroom. Show him how much you are interested and like him. He would love to catch up with you.

Final Thoughts

As this brings us to an end, we hope you’ve got every way to keep your guy attracted towards you. However, keep in mind that each person is different, and you must judge the person and react accordingly!


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