How to Keep An Active Dog Busy and Happy

Active Dog Busy

Active, happy dogs are the best of friends. They bring such joy to your life, and they encourage you to be your best as well. From being more active yourself to just being near energy like that – it is infectious. There are reasons why dogs are excellent companions, especially for those who need a support animal. They are very in tune with their owner’s emotions and needs, and caring for them has consistently been proved to be excellent for our health. Let’s see how to keep an active dog busy and happy.

Active dogs, however, also require a lot more dedication and work. 

What Happens When Your Dog is Not as Active as They Should Be? 

Dogs that do not exercise enough often become antsy. It is against their nature, and they will often act out because of it. Do not become frustrated if this happens to you, instead look at how you are caring for your dog and realize that most times it is because you were failing them first. Keep dogs active through exercise and with the right toys, and they will behave much better and everyone will be happier as a result. 

How to Keep Your Active Dog Happy 

There are a few ways to keep an active dog happy. 

1. Find an Off-Leash Area 

Going on walks is important, but if your dog is active then they need to run. Finding and going to a dog park regularly means that your dog can run with other dogs, stretch their legs, and really go for it. The combined exercise and socialization are just the ticket to help keep your dog happy, healthy, and calm at home. 

Dog parks are not something that you should only go to as a treat for your dog. If your dog is large and has plenty of energy, then you will need to go daily. Smaller dogs with less energy can often benefit from just walks. 

2. You May Need to Walk More Than Once a Day 

Large, active dogs often benefit from going on a walk twice a day, not just once. Smaller dogs sometimes need two as well, depending on their breed and individual energy levels. The best way to get the most out of these walks is to go at the same time every day, so your dog knows to behave and be calm at home, since they know for a fact that they will get a walk, and when. 

3. Self-Entertaining Toys

While walking and exercise is a great way to allow them to burn their energy, you will also want to invest in some self-entertaining toys like this suction cup chew toy. They attach to the floor and provide excitement and a great opportunity for chewers to work out that specific energy without exhausting you or hurting your furniture. 

4. Problem Solving Toys 

Toys that take effort to get the food out, like peanut butter, and other problem-solving toys can be great for highly intelligent breeds. How you entertain your highly intelligent dog will depend on their nature. Hunters will benefit from different dog toys than herders or working dogs, for example. 



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