Is Sparkling Water Good for You? What Are the Possible Side Effects?

Is Sparkling Water Good for You? What Are the Possible Side Effects?

If you do not like plain water and want to refrain from consuming carbonated soda waters for your weight gain worries, here is a thing that can help you; try sparkling water!

Drinking sparkling water is always a better option for your dietary needs. And this blog will explain why.

Highly pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) is injected into the water to make it fizzy and bubbly.

These waters contain added essential minerals and sometimes artificial flavors.

The main question is, is drinking sparkling water good for you or not? Does it harm the body? Does it have any health benefits?

This article will show you all the essential details and give you all the information about all these.

Sparkling Water Benefits

The benefits of any form of carbon dioxide infused water is low compared to plain water.

To enhance the taste of the water, carbon dioxide is being used by the manufacturers.

Water is an essential part of our lives. You cannot survive without it; no one can.

But when it comes to the taste of plain water, not everybody likes it.

Some of them choose different forms of water as the substitute for plain water.

It can surely quench your thirst, but the question is, are there any health benefits of these fizzy and mild tasty sparkling water? Does it quench your thirst?

Sparkling water good for you

Is sparkling water good for you?

If you change your water drinking habits by consuming carbonated water instead of plain water, you must be aware of the benefits.

Helps to manage and reduce weight

Obesity or issues with being overweight are common health problems in this modern-day world. Obesity can lead to several diseases.

There are many reasons for being overweight or obese. Dehydration and overheating are two of the most common problems nowadays. These problems can cause obesity too.

To manage your body weight, you must start drinking plenty of water. But is sparkling water good for you to lose weight?

This water can help you if you are facing difficulties with consuming plain water.

Feeling excessively hungry, having a dry mouth, and improper bowel are the early signs of dehydration.

If you are facing one of these problems, then start drinking more water without delay.

Helps to improve digestion system

Digestive system-related issues are some of the most common problems in humanity.

Improper diets, unhealthy lifestyles, and even stress can be the cause of these problems.

If you face or want to prevent heartburn, indigestion, constipation, and any other related issues, you should start a healthy routine immediately.

The routine includes eating healthy and good food, maintaining a good and proper sleeping routine, exercising, and most importantly, drinking water.

Normal water will do the work. But if you do not want to consume that, then you can consider drinking sparkling water.

In some research studies, there are scientific proofs that sparkling water can help indigestion. So if you are thinking of boosting up your intestine, then you can start sparkling water consumption.

It can be helpful for your heart

Although there is no such evidence, some initial research shows that this water has the potential to improve your heart health.

This water can eliminate bad cholesterol and helps to regenerate new good cholesterol.

Normal unsweetened sparkling water can reduce the blood sugar level. Therefore it can be said that it is a better substitute than flavored soda water.

After adding up these benefits, you can easily say that this water can be a good option for your heart.

Is flavored sparkling water good for you?

Nowadays, flavored drinks are becoming popular. Young people are hooked to such drinks.

There are many soft drinks, soda waters, and sparkling waters with different flavors.

Although sparkling water is better than soda water, different manufacturers make flavored water with added flavors. Before buying the water and consuming it, you need to ensure some things about this water.

Avoid sweetened water

The first thing you will need to check is whether there is any added sugar or artificial sweeteners in the water or not.

Sugar and other artificial sweeteners are the main culprits for your health.

Try to avoid sparkling waters with sugar or artificial sweeteners. If there is any need to add some sweet elements into the water to enhance the flavor, you may consider drinks with little artificial sweeteners like Aspartame or Splenda.

Check nutritional value

You need to check the nutritional values. Moreover, you must choose the ones that have zero calories.

Many sparkling water manufacturers market their products as zero-calorie drinks. Still, you need to check the calorie content of the drinks.

One of the main ingredients of sparkling water is sodium. You should check the sodium content of the flavored waters. Always consider drinks with low sodium content.

Try to find a product that fulfills all these criteria. After that, you can easily consume it.

So, is the flavored sparkling water good for you? The answer is yes.

If you buy and consume this water strictly following the things mentioned above, then it is on the safer side for your body.

Choose the ones that help regenerate good cholesterol

Normal unsweetened sparkling water can reduce the blood sugar level. Therefore it can be said that it is a better substitute than flavored soda water.

After adding up these benefits, you can easily say that sparkling water can be a good option for your heart.

Is Sparkling Water Good for You? What Are the Possible Side Effects?

Disadvantages of sparkling water

Everything comes with positive effects and negative effects. For sparkling water, the rule is the same.

You might be thinking about the negative effects of sparkling water. There are many disadvantages of consuming this fizzy carbonated drink.


The first disadvantage is known as tooth decay. Sparkling water is a little acidic due to the usage of carbon dioxide.

This acidic drink can affect your teeth’ enamel. This can seriously damage your teeth’ enamel, and this can lead to tooth decay.

If the sparkling water is free from added sugars and citric acid, you are safe to drink this. This will not mean any harm to your teeth.

Bone damage

Another disadvantage is bone damage. Continuously consuming a considerable amount of sparkling water can reduce the calcium content in your bones.

The main reason for this is phosphorus which can be found in sparkling water. The ingredient can affect your bones through the kidneys.

Gastric issues

Sparkling water can cause severe bloating and gastric problems.

These problems can lead to IBS if you are sensitive to any carbonated drinks. Hence, if you are already facing some stomach issues, do not go for this water or other carbonated beverages.


As discussed earlier, sparkling water can cause weight loss. But if you are drinking or planning to drink sugar-based flavored sparkling water, it will affect your body differently.

It will start to increase your body weight. The sugar elements are the main reason behind it. Thus, if you are on a strict diet and want to maintain your health, you should not go for flavored carbonated drinks.

High in sodium

One of the ingredients used in these drinks is sodium. A high quantity of sodium can be found in sparkling water.

But fortunately, many manufacturers make their drinks with a low sodium quantity.

You should always go for low sodium-based drinks if you are concerned about your health.

Despite the disadvantages of sparkling water, you can still have these drinks.

There are many options available in the market with zero or low sugar content, low sodium content, and low-calorie rate.

You can always go for those drinks if you are not feeling good about having plain water.

Sparkling water vs soda water

There are many kinds of carbonated beverages available in the market.

You might be confused about selecting the perfect one for you.

Many people think that soda water and carbonated water are the same things. But it is not; they have many differences.

Here are some differences that can help you to decide which one to buy and consume.

Most of the time, fizz is not added by any manufacturer to sparkling water products.

It comes naturally from a spring or a well. This is the purest form of carbonated drink.

On the other hand, soda water is artificially made by the manufacturer.

They usually inject highly compressed carbon dioxide gas into the water to make it bubble and fizzy.

Needless to say, that resources that come directly from nature are better than manufactured ones. However, as the tastes are different, you can choose any of these two for your regular consumption.

Another significant difference between these two carbonated drinks is their mineral content.

The water contains natural minerals, but soda water is infused with minerals to enhance the taste and flavors.

In both drinks, similar minerals are present. Minerals like potassium sulfate, sodium chloride can be found on both of the drinks.

Sparkling water calories and nutrition facts

Plain water does not have any calorie content in it. But in some carbonated waters, you might find calories. Drinks like this type of water, soda water, and flavored waters can be sources of calories.

Therefore, if you want to maintain your health and substitute plain water for your daily life, you should consider normal and unsweetened water.

But is the non-flavored sparkling water good for you? The answer is yes.

Low or less sugar means that the sparkling water is calorie-free and does not harm your regular calorie intake routine.

Apart from calories, this water contains essential minerals and other nutrients.

The water also contains sodium, carbohydrates, and amino acids.

Does carbonated water cause weight gain?

This is a common question that occurs in everyone’s mind someday or the other. You, too, probably thought about the side effects of the carbonated waters at least once in your life.

There are many sources on the internet to inform you that carbonated waters are one of the main reasons for weight gain.

But if you are facing difficulties with consuming plain water, you need to switch to this water.

Now you might be thinking that sparkling water is also a type of carbonated water, so if you consume it regularly, it might gain weight.

Let’s answer the first question; yes carbonated waters like soda water, infused water, and even sparkling water can be a source of weight gain.

As these types of water contain sugar or artificial sugars, these kinds of water became a weight-gaining agent.

And for the second question, carbonated water comes in various forms. Thus, you can choose from its wide varieties.

Some of them are normal with no sweet taste, while some offer a delicious sweet taste. But which one will you choose?

One of the main benefits of sparkling water is weight loss. Yes, it is true. You can maintain your diet even while drinking this carbonated water. But you have to be cautious while buying and consuming sparkling water.

You should always go for these water products with low or zero sugar content. Sugar is the main culprit behind the weight gain issue. Therefore you must eliminate sugar from your diet list.

Avoid things like flavoring agents, starch, and syrups. By following these, you will find the perfect sparkling water for you to consume daily.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you now know everything about sparkling water. We hope this helps you decide if you wish to include this carbonated water in your regular diet routine or not after considering all the advantages and disadvantages.


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