Design of water supply and sewerage networks at commercial facilities


No commercial facility can be imagined without a water supply and sewerage system. Water is necessary for various technological processes and just for personal consumption. High water quality is a prerequisite for the design of water supply systems. Mechanical and chemical impurities will lead to equipment failure and poisoning. Drinking water must be subjected to special treatment.

It is very important to prepare a worthy project in order to minimize the cost of repairs. Many companies are able to provide quality plumbing services in the city.

What to consider when designing water supply and sewerage networks

Absolutely all projects must be completed in compliance with existing standards.

The following conditions must be observed:

  • The project complies with all standards
  • Water supply is coordinated with other networks (these are sewerage, power supply and heating)
  • Network lines are designed for long-term operation
  • There are conditions for the modernization of the system


Based on the preliminary data, the project is evaluated. Other documents may also be needed. The data is rechecked several times and the text of the terms of reference is compiled. This text is agreed with the client. If necessary, adjustments are made. A project of a water supply and sewerage system is being created. The final list depends on the task itself. As a result, the document will contain all the necessary comments, diagrams, detailed plans. You also need to obtain a special permit.

In the drawings:

  • calculation of water consumption;
  • tracing scheme of designed networks;
  • the development of the main units of water treatment is being carried out;
  • clarification of specifications is made;

In the terms of reference:

  • sources of water supply are selected;
  • a place for descent of effluents is indicated; the sewerage scheme is indicated;
  • selection of equipment

Creating a project

Any company first of all organizes a meeting with the manager. The meeting can take place in the office or on neutral territory. The manager considers all requests and answers questions of interest. The next stage will be the development of the project. The customer gets acquainted with the project and makes adjustments

What should be considered?

It is necessary to take into account how many consumers are accounted for by one piece of equipment. It is worth choosing a source of water supply. A city well can be used as a source of water supply. Calculations of the water supply network is a rather difficult task. There are many parameters to take into account here. This is the source of water supply, the power of pumping equipment, the number of consumers and floors. For industrial and commercial buildings, the task becomes more complicated…

Initial information for creating a project

Before ordering a sewerage and water supply project for a commercial facility, you will need to collect the initial data and draw up a technical task together with the manager.

The terms of reference include:

  • floor plan of the building;
  • proposed entry and exit points for sewerage.

Recommendations and wishes

  1. After receiving all the necessary data, the task should be formulated very clearly.
  2. Only then will the design process begin…
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  4. Experienced plumbers will do all the work very well. It is important to choose good specialists in time. Only then will there be no problems in the future.


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