Does a Water Dispenser Purify Water?


 How Does a Water Dispenser Purify Water? 

Most water dispensers use a reverse osmosis filter to eliminate 99% of contaminants from water. The  process targets everything from heavy metals to chlorine, arsenic, lead, and more from the water. 

The dispensers filter water in different stages. It could be 3 stages, 5 stages, 7 stages, or more. Consider the example below; 

In the first stage of a dispenser with a 5-stage built-in filtration system, a sediment filter usually removes  dust, rust, and other particles from the water. 

A carbon block filter in the 2nd stage removes cloudiness, colors, odors, and tastes from the water. In the  3rd stage, the RO membrane eliminates organic and inorganic compounds like fluoride. 

A post-filter membrane in the 4th stage removes any lingering tastes and odor to ensure you have great tasting water. 

Finally, in the 5th stage, an alkalizing filter restores essential minerals removed during the filtration  process. And from the tap, you get clean, pure, and great-tasting water. 

Note that if the system in your dispenser has more than 3 stages, it most likely has a remineralization  stage and a UV stage that kills bacteria and viruses in the water. 

Additionally, different manufacturers can add more technologies to their products to enhance water  purification. 

 Why Do You Need a Water Dispenser that Purifies Water? 

According to experts, a purifying water dispenser makes a worthy investment for its many benefits. It  provides clean, healthy drinking water, saves space, and encourages hydration. 

Listed below are the advantages of a purifying water dispenser. 

 Better for your health 

A purifying water dispenser provides water free of chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

If left in your drinking water, these contaminants can cause serious health complications, especially for  kids who have a weak immune systems. 

A water dispenser that purifies water ensures that it is clean, healthy, fresh, and with improved taste.  Encourages a sugar-free diet 

Did you know that most people who can’t stand water term it boring and tasteless? They instead  purchase unhealthy alternatives like flavored drinks (soda, juice, etc.).  

Water from a purifying water dispenser isn’t boring at all. 

It is not only healthy but also great tasting. The purification process deals with odors and tastes from tap  water to make it great tasting. As a result, people tend to take more of this water and avoid flavored  drinks. 

 Better Skincare 

As aforementioned, water from a purifying water dispenser is great tasting. And for this reason, people  tend to take more every day. 

The more water they take, the better they look. 

Consuming enough clean, safe, and purified water daily helps with skin care. Your skin becomes less dull  and more vibrant and smooth. 

 Better hydration 

A water dispenser encourages people to drink more water. Drinking enough water helps keep you  hydrated, active, and rejuvenated. 

The unit is also easy for kids to operate, a feature that encourages them to drink more. (H2) Ffrequently Asked Questions 

1. Is water from a water dispenser healthy? 

Water from a water dispenser is clean, pure, and healthy. These units supply water from bottled water  that’s already filtered. 

Additionally, most bottleless units come with a built-in filtration system that eliminates contaminants  from the water. 

 2. Can bacteria grow in a water dispenser? 

Bacteria grow fast in moist areas, a water dispenser included. If your unit is not self-cleaning, you must  clean it regularly (at least once per month) to prevent bacterial growth.

If the dispenser does not have an antimicrobial coating, clean the outer parts, including taps and drip  tray every week. 

The good news is that most water dispensers come with manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance.  3. Is a water dispenser good for the environment? 

A water dispenser is great for the environment. It replaces the need for plastic bottles that end up in  landfills and pollute the earth. 

 4. Can I use tap water in my water dispenser? 

You can use filtered tap water in a water dispenser. 

 5. Is a water dispenser sanitary? 

A water dispenser isn’t sanitary. And as a result, you must clean it regularly (at least once a month) and  replace the water jug to prevent bacterial buildup. 

You also need to clean the outer parts of the unit daily to prevent germ buildup, especially in the office. 



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