How to Revamp an Odd-Shaped Room

Revamp an Odd-Shaped Room

Not all rooms are box-shaped – some are much more unusual, with sloping ceilings, alcoves,Odd-Shaped Room and awkward corners. While these can present a challenge when it comes to decorating, they can also add interest and personality to a room. Not sure where to start? Here’s how to make the most of your unusual room…

Size it Up

It may seem obvious, but before you do anything, you’ve got to understand what you’re working with. Measure up and become familiar with the room’s shape and dimensions, so you’re not in danger of buying furniture that just won’t work. Decide what you want to do with the room – what will its function be? You need the space to work for you, so you should always keep this in the front of your mind. 

Storage is Key

The last thing you want in an awkward space is clutter. This is where storage comes in. Clever storage solutions will make your life so much easier. Fill up alcoves with shelves and adorn them with books and candles and pretty things – it’ll add warmth and personality to the space.  Built in wardrobes with sliding doors are always a good idea, as are TV cabinets with drawers and shelves galore.

Think About your Furnishings

Go for fewer, larger pieces when buying furniture for your strange-shaped room. These will make the space feel much bigger than if you bought lots of small items. In living rooms, modular sofas and armchairs allow you to be much more flexible. And don’t underestimate the power of a large mirror – they’re really effective in creating a sense of space. If your awkward room is small, consider installing an electric radiator. Smaller rooms are easier to heat and you’ll save some much-needed wall space.

Invest in Multi-Tasking Furniture

You’ll need to make your furniture work harder in an awkward room. If it’s a bedroom you’re dealing with, invest in a bed with drawers underneath or in the headboard. Or buy a day bed – it’ll serve as a sofa during waking hours and a place to sleep at night. In the living room, buy a pouffe with storage, or one that can be both sat on or used as a coffee table. Multi-use furniture will save you not just money, but space too. 


There are no hard and fast rules on how to decorate a strange-shaped room. To be on the safe side, choose natural materials for that light, airy feel, and keep to one shade with a couple of colour accents. Or if you want to inject more personality, make a statement by painting any odd features a bold colour to make them stand out. It’s all down to taste and what feels right for you.



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