5 Highest Rated Restaurants in Wallsend

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Next time you are in Wallsend, it can be a great idea to drop into some of its highest-rated restaurants. Why is this? Well, because these restaurants not only provide a memorable experience, but know what it means to serve a local community or tourists visiting the area. A mouth-watering meal or simply time spent in a nice environment can truly restore you and tantalize your taste buds.

Let’s review some of the highest-rated restaurants you simply must visit the next time you find yourself in Wallsend, NSW.

1. Fire Station Hotel

The Fire Station Hotel in Wallsend is known for its eclectic taste of craft beers and good, honest restaurant food. They also seem to know the value of a great, tasty and wholesome desert, one that should leave you thinking back to the restaurant for days to come.

The decor is comfortable and cozy, clean and relaxing. Their food has been described as ‘above average pub fare,’ and many reviewers point to the fact that the food is honest, well-sourced, and never pretentious. This means that the Fire Station Hotel has built a reputation for securing quality without getting ahead of itself, a principle that chefs like Gordon Ramsay continually espouse the values of. From juicy burgers to fish and roasted asparagus, from thick oven chips to homemade coleslaw, you’re sure to find something you enjoy.

For this reason, a trip to the Fire Station Hotel could be a solid choice for family looking to make the most of a late weekend lunch..

Fire Station Hotel can be found Crn Nelson & Devon Street, Wallsend, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales 2287

2. Heng Loong Restaurant

Who could ever argue with down to earth and honest Chinese food? It’s a cuisine that has lasted the test of time perhaps more than any other, and will continue to last the test of time, too. Restaurants like Heng Loong make good on that legacy by serving the community of Wallsend through and through.

They have a range of interesting dishes, from homespun beef ho fan to Peking steak and even fried ice cream. For that reason ,even those intimately familiar with Chinese cuisine can still learn anew at Heng Loong. What’s more is that the simple and pleasant decors and friendly staff service are continually noted in their restaurant reviews ,making this a pleasant night out for the whole family.

Heng Loong Restaurant can be found at 67 Cowper St, Wallsend, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales 2287 

3. Top Thai Restaurant

Top Thai restaurant tries to live up to its name by offering an authentic and comfortable Thai experience, savoring everything that makes Thai food so lauded around the world. However, it does so without making an undue or overbearing show of it – instead they prefer to let the food do the talking.

With simple decors and an intimate set of seating arrangements, lunch with the family or a quick light evening meal can also be accommodated for. Reviews suggest that the staff even go as far as bringing out candles for relaxed couples, not something you’d usually find in a restaurant that also works as a takeaway.

Top Thai can be found at 10 Kemp St, Wallsend, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales 2287 Australia

4. Wallsend Diggers

Wallsend Diggers pride themselves on stocking a range of beautiful grilled meats, from thick and juicy burgers to impressively sauced and marbled steaks.

In this respect, they have positioned themselves as a great place to hang out between families, while also making sure you enjoy indulging in a range of meals you may not usually justify. Soaking in the relaxed and clean atmosphere is also a little easier with one of the best-stocked bars in Wallsend, so why not give them try?

Wallsend Diggers can be found at 5 Tyrrell St, Wallsend, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales 2287

5. Winner’s Circle

Pubs that value wholesome food may be a dime a dozen, but at Winner’s Circle, they’re not interested in serving the standard and sometimes-boring fare. 

With their own twist on chicken or beef schnitzels, thick cut toasted sandwiches, steaks and grilled prawn salads as well as beautiful additions like chat potatoes and honey chicken tenderloin salads, Winner’s Circle keeps a focused menu, but one carefully designed to appeal to every visitor. Of course, as it’s a pub, you can imagine that the bar is a feature favorite. Why not check them out this weekend?

Winners Circle can be found at 24 Kokera St Wallsend Plaza, Wallsend, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales 2287 Australia

Next time you are in Wallsend, why not give one (or all) of these restaurants a try? Odds are, you’ll have something to remember the area by, and may even trust the opinions of those who live here highly when you know they’ve already done right by you once.



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