Tips To Prepare For CISM Exam To Pass It In The First Attempt

Prepare For CISM Exam

The CISM certification stands for Certified Information Security Manager Certification. It is conducted by the ISACA. This certificate focuses on the international security practices. Getting such a certificate will pave your job post to an Information Security manager. It brushes up the managerial qualities to a great extent. 

The curriculum of the exam is as follows and the skills and knowledge in the following areas:
1. Information security management
2. Information risk management and compliance
3. Information security program development and management
4. Information security incident management

1. Update with the ISACA’s Exam Candidate Information Guide

This guide gives you the detailed information regarding registration, deadlines and key details for exam-day administration, exam domains, and the number of exam questions, exam length and languages. It is updated each year.

2. Read Carefully CISM Review Manual

this manual consists of knowledge statements, self-assessment questions.  It also suggests good reference books and other resources. You can get a hard copy as well as an eBook. It is available on ISACA’s official site under CISMA Exam Resources.

3. Expand the Managerial Mind-set

The CISM is more involved in assessing the managerial skills of the candidates, so, the interested candidates should have holistic knowledge regarding the same and should act accordingly.

4. Time Management

The time management and proper study plans should be made and implemented. It is ideal to prepare before 4 to 5 months of the exam. This shall help you get acquainted with the format of questions and important concepts to work on. Continual study is the key to success. You6can devote at least 3 hours per day to crack this examination. In this way you can also identify all your weakness and take proper recourse to solve these before the examination.

5. Proper approaches and peaceful mind

always try to reach the examination before time. Read all the questions carefully before attempting the questions. When you get any difficult questions, without wasting more time there, move to the next questions. All the easy questions should be solved first, in this way your confidence will be boosted up. An important thing is to relax your mind while you attempt it. Do not stress, otherwise it will demotivate you.

6. An able-Guidance

we all know that self-study is an important step to excel in the examination. However, an able and experienced guidance acts as a catalyst in the procedure. It helps you to tread on the wrong, burdensome path and switch to an easier and efficient path. One such is the CISM Certification Training. It gives you all the relevant information about how to efficiently prepare for the exam. The InfoSec Train, provides a holistic CISM Certification course. This course will to a great extent aid candidates passing the examination, that too, in the very first attempt.
Some of the features of InfoseTrain’s CISM Training are as follows:

1. Brush up the expertise of professionals in managing, designing, administering, and assessing IT security
2. The Trainers appointed are the prodigies with great skill and experience in their own fields.
3. They train in such a way in order to increase the efficiency of the candidate and makes him responsible for the IT security issues of an organization.
4. It conducts numerous practice exams. This helps in practicing well before the examination, acquaints the students with the pattern of the examination and enriches their confidence to a great extent.

7. Choose appropriate Study Material

Always get updated with the ISACA examination guide. As already said, the ISACA examination guide also provides about the reference books, and other important resources from which the candidates can get lot of knowledge and information. The study material should not be in bulk but in a concise manner. And it should cover all the important topics and groom you very sincerely.

this certification validates ones knowledge relating to the information security program and broader business objectives.
It certifies managerial, designing, overseeing skills and expertise and makes one preferable over the fellow colleagues. However, it requires at least 5 years of information security work experience within the 10 years prior to certification. Out of those 5 years, 3 years must have been dedicated to management.  


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