UK Walks You Need to Go On This Summer

UK Walks you need

With summer looking hopeful for travelling in the UK, now is the perfect time for you to start planning some staycations. After being at home for so long, this summer can be a perfect opportunity for you to get out, stretch your legs, and enjoy some of the best scenery the UK has to offer. Here are some travel ideas to get you started. 

Get Prepared 

Before you get going on your trip, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared to face the elements. While it is beautiful in the UK, the weather can be less than ideal. You want to be prepared for whatever a British summer can throw at you: from sun cream to layers and women’s thermals. Make a checklist for yourself so you know you’ve packed all the essentials. Come rain or shine, you still want to make the most of your walking holiday. 

Scottish Highlands 

Once you’ve got peace of mind you’re ready to travel, where should you go? The Scottish Highlands is an incredibly popular walking spot, and for good reason. No matter your fitness level, there is the right trail for you. Wherever you go, and however far you walk, you’ll be treated to some spectacular slights. From charming villages to majestic landscapes. The Scottish Highlands are made for hiking. Go at your own pace, and enjoy.  

South West Coast 

You cannot write a list of best walks in the UK, without including the coast. This country offers some of the finest ocean views in the world. The best thing is, with it being a small island – you’re never too far away from one. It was hard to narrow it down to one walk but the South West Coast Path, in West Country, had to take it. It’s England’s longest trail and there are so many breathtaking sights along the way. It covers so much coastal scenery, and how much you see is entirely up to you. 

Preseli Hills

The Preseli Hills lets you discover a Welsch mystery: the Preseli bluestones. This inland walk lets you admire the stunning scenery of Wales, and gives you an insight into its fascinating past. This walk often gets overlooked by the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, so you should be able to enjoy the Preseli Hills in peace. 

No matter where in the UK you go, there are so many sights waiting for you to discover them. Do you have any plans to travel in the UK this summer? 



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