Reviewing Herbalife Awards and Accolades from 2020

Herbalife Awards and Accolades

Herbalife Nutrition won a wide range of awards and other accolades during 2020. It was recognized for many important factors, including product quality, healthy ingredients, and excellent manufacturing and testing processes. The awards and accolades won over the year are due to the strict attention to every detail surrounding Herbalife Nutrition products. That attention to quality is reflected in everything from the sourcing of Herbalife ingredients to the manufacturing process, the taste, and the testing of its products.

Healthier Choice Logo in Thailand

In Thailand, the government is highly invested in helping the public to eat more healthily. That’s why the government has a logo that it awards to products on the market that are healthier. The quality standards that they look for include having low sodium, sugar, and fat. Thailand recognizes that foods that are high in these ingredients raise the risk of consumers developing non-communicable diseases. The government seeks to help customers to be able to find healthier foods with just a glance instead of spending a lot of time analyzing the nutritional information for each product they buy. This logo, awarded for Formula 1, allows them to do just that.

Healthy Living Award

In Germany, there are magazines devoted to active and mobile leisure, and one of the largest and most popular of these awarded Herbalife Nutrition with a Healthy Living Award. This award recognizes the innovation of the H24 Rebuild Strength product in the category of Regeneration. The award was given to Herbalife by an extensive jury of professionals with a wealth of knowledge about health and nutrition. These include some of the top chefs, nutritionists, authors, personal trainers, sports journalists, and those with PhDs in these fields. The H24 Rebuild Strength product was awarded for its high level of protein, its low calories, its iron content, and more. With no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, this product has become a favorite of those who want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Five-Star Quality Medal

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Formula 1 was given a big award that was overseen by the International Certification Association. This group surveyed the Bosnian people to find out which products consumers have found to be high in quality. Formula 1 was a clear winner in the category of meal replacement for weight control and was given the Five-Star Quality Medal for its high attention to quality and positive Herbalife reviews. As the best-ranked product in this category, Formula 1 was found to be effective as well as innovative by its many customers in the region.

Four Chinese Awards

China’s Quality Inspection Association gives out awards for product quality in China, and in 2020, Herbalife Nutrition was the recipient of four of these awards. The four awards were given for the quality and integrity of its products, consistent production, and a quality inspection, using cutting-edge tech in both manufacturing and testing, and for products that provide a solid performance of ensuring quality as well as being a champion of high-quality in health foods. The awards were supervised by China’s State Administration of Market Regulation.

Socially Responsible Company Award

In Mexico, the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility and the Mexican Center for Philanthropy are two leading organizations for assessing how an enterprise’s activities can affect the lives of its community and its employees. These organizations have awarded Herbalife with the Socially Responsible Company Award for the 10th time in a row. It recognizes positive corporate values, sustainability, the quality of life of employees, responsible advertising for products, company ethics, community engagement, and responsible advertising.


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