What Does An Auto Locksmith do?

An Auto Locksmith do
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Auto locksmiths are the people you call when you have any vehicles to unlock or any car keys to replace because they are either broken or lost. Whether it be a car, truck or minivan, there should be reliable locksmiths in Clacton that you could employ to get you back into your vehicle and on the road again. This kind of locksmith service is also a 24hour service that can be called upon whenever you have an emergency and if they are MLA certified then they should get you going in no time.

Auto locksmiths need to be knowledgeable when it comes to electronics as well. With the change in automotive technology and many cars now using remotes as opposed to regular car keys, programming will need to be done by someone who is qualified to do so. 

Ordinary keys VS Newer technology

Older model cars come with the standard flat key that many are familiar with, these car keys are made of thick hard metal that very rarely breaks on its own. Most of the breakage to these keys occurs when the key holder, which is usually plastic undergoes some wear and snaps off. Dummy keys can easily be cut to temporarily replace a missing key or a broken one if the locksmith is unable to assist you especially for services called in after midnight. 

Push to start proximity keys are more complicated to replace on a whim because of the mechanism and programming of the key. These keys are found in certain cars like Tesla, Hyundai or Ford for example and can be used to unlock the car remotely. Once these are broken or need replacing, a locksmith with electrical experience will be needed to replace or reprogram the tiny transmitter inside the remote or ignition lock. They would have to be both qualified and MLA approved to be able to do so. 

List of services

Choosing a locksmith that offers insurance on their services is the first step to hiring someone who is competent to do the job. Beside opening locked car doors, auto locksmiths around Clacton are also able to do a host of other little things for you. Your car will not incur any damage if you are calling a professional locksmith. They are capable of opening your car with a slim jim which is a long thin metal strip made specifically for unlocking doors. Some of the services that they offer are:

    • Replacing keys even if you do not have the original. You will need to supply some information about the make and model of the vehicle as well as some identification to make or replace the key.  You will need to use the services of an experienced MLA approved locksmith around Clacton. These locksmiths would have gone through a certification program to obtain their trade certificates as locksmiths, with many having an electrical certification to be able to work with remote keys. You will need to issue the locksmith with the VIN of the car to show ownership and for them to pull the information of the key to replace it via the car manufacturer.
    • They can replace all the locks from the ignition lock to the petrol lock as well as the central locking system of your car. If it is an older model of car then this would be easy to do on the same day, but newer models use a specifically programmed remote car key and for that, they will need to reprogram the key with the car details. Older cars use the same key for all the locks so this is easier because the locksmith only needs to cut one key and it can be done in a short period. Remote car keys have to be done via the manufacturer. 
  • They remove broken keys still stuck in the locks. Key extraction kits are used to remove these from the lock. A small, thin metal rod with 2 hooks on the end is inserted into the key slot and connects with the broken-off piece to pull it out. Thin nose pliers can also be used, but a professional locksmith around Clacton should be the only one to do so to avoid damage to the mechanisms. There won’t be any damage to the actual car at all. 

Car keys don’t always need to be replaced as often as house or office keys do, but on the odd occasion should they need replacing, you should not attempt to do it yourself. Electrical keys have transmitters that link to your car and shouldn’t be tampered with by someone who isn’t a professional. If you ever find yourself with some car key trouble, then call a reliable locksmith in Clacton to assist you, any time, any day. 


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