Keto Seasoning Recipes for Making Tasty Recipes

keto seasoning recipes

Are you following a bland keto diet? Does your diet give you no excitement of eating your meal? Well, we have got for you something that can bring about the best taste in your bland meal! Yes, we are talking about a seasoning that can turn your bland meal delicious without making any alterations to your diet plan! Here we have got for you keto taco seasoning that can club well with chicken, fish, steak, or ground beef. So, let us not waste more time in checking out some of the exotic keto seasoning recipes and more!

Is it keto-friendly sugar free taco seasoning?

Taco seasoning can change the way your dishes taste. But it is essential you choose the correct one when you are following a particular diet. So, it is always best to make your own taco seasoning to ensure it is keto-friendly.

The keto taco seasoning is easy to make with the ingredients probably already lying in your kitchen. In that way, you can be sure it is a sugar free taco seasoning suitable for your keto diet.

But if you buy the keto seasoning from any store, it may not be sugar-free. Plus, it may have many more ingredients. Some of the ingredients present in ready-made products are maltodextrin, corn starch, added sugar, preservatives, and more. So, always opt for the homemade one to be sure it is a sugar free taco seasoning. Here is Prebiotic Soluble Tapioca Fiber.

keto seasoning recipes

How to make keto taco seasoning at home?

Making the keto taco seasoning is relatively easy. But the trick lies in the proportions. Only when you provide the right ingredients in the correct proportions, your taco seasoning turns out the best. All the ingredients are spicy but with a pinch of sweetness, gives the seasoning the perfect balance.

So, before we get into the keto seasoning recipes, let us check out how to make the spice at home.

Ingredients You Require:

  • Chili powder – two tablespoons
  • Salt – one tablespoon
  • Cumin – two teaspoons
  • Black pepper – one and a half teaspoon
  • Smoked paprika – one teaspoon
  • Dried oregano – one teaspoon
  • Garlic powder – one teaspoon
  • Erythritol – one teaspoon
  • Onion powder – half teaspoon
  • Cayenne powder – 1/4th teaspoon

Method to make keto taco seasoning:

Here are the following steps to follow to make keto-friendly sugar free taco seasoning:

  1. First, measure all the ingredients and place the ingredients into a bowl.
  2. Then, mix all the ingredients well. Always keep in mind, you do not have any lumps in the seasoning.
  3. Further, place all the dry ingredients in an air-tight container.
  4. Always check if the container has any water present or not. If you find any water droplet, make sure you air dry it before adding the dry spice.

Note to keep in mind: The measurements given above will have around 17 teaspoons of the keto-friendly sugar free taco seasoning. One teaspoon will contain approximately 0.5 grams of protein, 1.1 grams of net carbs, 0.5 grams of fats, and 12 calories. So, it is ideal to go into your keto seasoning recipes.

Keto Seasoning Recipes

Now that you know how to make the keto taco seasoning, let us check out some recipes that make your bland meal taste excellent. And the best thing about using this seasoning is that it does not affect your diet plan at all!

So, let us not waste any more time to check out what the keto seasoning recipes are:

Black beans pies with corn-avocado

If you are looking for keto seasoning recipes, this one indeed going to be your favorite. The corn and avocado salsa will give the light black bean pies a different dimension. Also, the presence of taco seasoning will enhance the flavors. So, if you are following a keto diet, check out the recipe below:

Recipe overview

Time to arrange ingredients: Around 20 minutes

Total time to make the recipe: It will take around 40 to 50 minutes of your time

Servings: The proportions are for six servings in total. If you require more servings, calculate the measurement of the ingredients accordingly.

Ingredients you require:

  • Red onion diced – ¾th cup
  • Canola oil – four tablespoons (divided into half)
  • Garlic – two cloves crushed
  • Avocado-corn salsa
  • Keto seasoning – one tablespoon
  • Black beans – two cans rinsed and drained
  • Panko – half a cup
  • Egg – one large (beaten lightly)
  • Fresh cilantro – 1/3rd cup
  • Pepper cheese shredded – one and a half cups (divided into half)
  • Tostada shells – six
  • Cedar shredded cheese – half a cup

Instructions to make Black beans pies with corn-avocado

  • Take a small skillet and put it on medium-high heat. Pour out one tablespoon of oil and toss the onions. Stir it for about four minutes until it turns soft. Then put the garlic and turn off the heat.
  • Place the corn and avocado salsa into the refrigerator.
  • Take a large bowl and place the black beans. Put the keto taco seasoning, onion mixture, panko, pepper cheese, and mash it well with a fork. Then, put in the rest of the black beans and mix it well. Finally, make the patties into thick patties about ½ inches.
  • Take a nonstick skillet and put the remaining three tablespoons of oil. Allow the oil to heat, then place the patties. Let it cook for about five minutes on one side and flip it over. Wait until both sides turn golden brown and finally take it out.
  • Let your oven preheat for about 400 degrees. Then place the tostadas in a roll pan with remaining pepper cheese and cheddar cheese. Finally, serve with salsa and black bean pies. Voila, your keto-friendly dinner is ready!

Black beans pies with corn-avocado

Simple Taco Soup

The simple taco soup is one of the best keto seasoning recipes. It is a great go-to meal if you are busy and unable to cook for the next few days.

The ingredients you require to make this soup is super easy and might be already lying in your kitchen. All you would require is some corn chips that would complement your soup very well. And if you find the zing of keto taco seasoning not enough, you can get some Greek yogurt, cilantro, or sour cream.

Recipe overview:

Time to arrange ingredients: Around 20 to 25 minutes

Total time to make the recipe: It will take around 50 to 60 minutes of your time

Servings: The proportions are for 14 cups in total. If you require more servings, calculate the measurement of the ingredients accordingly.

Ingredients you require:

  • Ground beef – one pound
  • Pinto beans – two cans (rinsed and drained)
  • Green beans – one packet (frozen around 16 ounces)
  • Ranch bean – one can (undrained around 15 ounces)
  • Stewed tomatoes – one can (around 14.5 ounces)
  • Petite tomatoes – diced one can (around 14.5 ounces, undrained)
  • Whole kernel corn – one packet frozen (around 12 ounces)
  • Beer – one bottle (around 12 ounces)
  • Keto taco seasoning – one ounce
  • Ranch dressing mix – once ounce
  • Shredded cheddar cheese, corn chips

Instructions to make simple taco soup:

  • Take a large soup pot, cast-iron pot, or a Dutch oven. Then, start browning the ground beef over medium heat. It is best you stir constantly for around eight to ten minutes. Check if the meat begins to crumble and changes into a brown color. You will know it is cooked when the color is not pink anymore.
  • Then, put in the pinto beans, green beans, ranch beans, stewed tomatoes, petite diced tomatoes, whole kernel corn, beer, taco seasoning, and ranch dressing mix. You also need to add two cups of water and bring the soup to a boil. Finally, reduce the heat and allow it to boil for about 30 minutes. It is best you stir occasionally to avoid it from sticking at the bottom.
  • Finally, put in your favorite toppings, and the soup is ready to serve. You may replace plain water and beer with chicken broth too.
  • For the sandwich: You can get around six pieces of six-inch tortillas and fold them into half. Then spread the butter and press it gently. You can cook the quesadillas in a hot skillet for around two to three minutes. Finally, cut them into wedges and serve with the soup.

Simple Taco Soup

Taco Salad

Another that counts among the best keto seasoning recipes is the taco salad. It is super healthy and is sure to give your tastebuds a stir. You can always swap the turkey mince with ground chicken or beef. Doesn’t that sound interesting? So, let us check out the taco salad below:

Recipe overview:

Time to arrange ingredients: Around 10 to 15 minutes

Baking time: It will take around 15 minutes of your time

Total time to make the recipe: around 25 minutes

Servings: The proportions are for six servings. If you require more servings, calculate the measurement of the ingredients accordingly.

Ingredients you require:

  • Ground sirloin – one pound
  • Red dark kidney beans – one cup
  • Keto taco seasoning – 1 and 1/4th ounces
  • Iceberg lettuce – chopped into one-inch size (one)
  • Red onions – one tablespoon (sliced thinly)
  • Plain tortilla chips or nacho- flavored – one cup (crushed)

Instructions to make taco salad

  • Take a medium-sized skillet and place it on medium heat. Put in the ground sirloin, beef, or chicken. Use a wooden spatula to break the chunks and stir until it changes into a light brown color. Add the taco seasoning and beans and let it cook. Finally, lower the heat and allow the flavors to mingle with one another. Continue for around ten minutes and then transfer it into a bowl. Allow the mixture to cool for about 10 minutes.
  • Finally, add the cheese, dressing, lettuce, and onions into the bowl. Mix it well, and then add the crumbled tortilla chips. Voila, your salad is ready!

keto seasoning recipes

Tortilla Mexican skillet

Mexican dishes are extremely healthy and tasty. So, if you want to include this dish into your ketogenic diet plan, we have got the recipe ready for you right here. Check out the easy recipe below:

Recipe overview:

Total time to make the recipe: around 25 minutes

Servings: The proportions are for four to six servings. If you require more servings, calculate the measurement of the ingredients accordingly.

Ingredients you require:

  • Ground beef or chicken – one pound
  • Garlic – one clove minced
  • Your keto homemade sugar free taco seasoning
  • Flour tortillas – six pieces (preferably burrito-sized)
  • Fresh tomatoes or canned – two cans
  • Cheddar cheese shredded – half a cup
  • Salsa – half a cup
  • Green bell pepper – one (deseeded and chopped, optional)

Instructions to make tortilla Mexican skillet

  • Take a big-sized skillet and place it on high heat. Let it be unless it is steaming hot. Then, toss in the meat, taco seasoning, and garlic. Use a wooden spoon to break the meat. Keep stirring until the meat changes its color into a brown.
  • In the meantime, start slicing the tortillas into all one-inch squares by using a pair of scissors or a pizza cutter.
  • Finally, add the cut tortillas, tomatoes, and some salsa into the skillet. Turn the heat to its medium and cook for about five minutes. If you see it turning dry, you can add some water. When you see it has got the perfect consistency, start sprinkling the cheese and bell peppers over it.

How to store keto taco seasoning?

The way you store spices and herbs, the taco seasoning can be stored in the same manner. Make sure you are using an airtight glass container. Also, remember to keep it in a dry, cool, and dark place so that it remains fresh for your use. And whenever you are using it keep a separate spoon to measure the seasoning.


Final Thoughts

As we bring you to the end of our blog today, we are sure you have four amazing keto seasoning recipes to try. All the dishes above are super easy to make. And you can indeed give your tastebuds the pleasure you were looking for all this while with these recipes.

So, make the sugar free taco seasoning at home with the recipe given above and store it well in an airtight container. Do try out the recipes given above, and let us know in the comment section below which one you liked best!


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