Why European Formula is an Excellent Option

Why European Formula is an Excellent Option

Becoming a parent is a life-changing moment. Like any other life-changing moment, it also comes with many decisions along the journey—one of those significant decisions is deciding how to nourish your little one. Generally, breastfeeding is the best way to go. But what you do when breastfeeding isn’t an option; whether it is because your supply decreased or you just wanted more flexibility, being able to nourish your little one through their various growth stages of development is important. This is why European formula is such a fantastic option; also, it’s why so many parents are raving about it and choosing European formulas over other baby formulas on the market today.

What makes European Formula Different?

Many formulas look the same at first, but once you take a look at their ingredients, you’ll end up being surprised at what is in baby formulas on the market today. As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding,” which is true with baby formulas. European formulas are regulated by the European Commission, just as the FDA regulates formulas in the US. Both regulators (EU and FDA) hold different requirements and nutrients for baby formulas. The European Commission holds higher standards for infant formulas and what they allow in their baby formulas. European Formulas are required not to have detectable pesticide residues in any infant formulas, which is why there are so many organic European formula options.

Happier Cows and Goats

Most of the European formulas are made with milk from cows or goats on a Demeter farm. This means that the farm they live on is “biodynamic,” so no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or any GMO’s. Cows or goats graze and are grass-fed on fields that don’t contain any chemicals, which in return produces healthier and happier cows and goats. The milk used from these animals produces additional benefits for your little ones regarding their formula. For example, the whole milk formulas keep the natural Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) in their cream and pass it onto your baby, much like what is found naturally in breastmilk.

Probiotics and DHA

Probiotics are another ingredient found very commonly in European formulas. Probiotics are beneficial for gut bacteria and are part of a healthy baby’s microbiome. The European Commission also mandatorily requires infant formulas to contain DHA. Part of what makes the EU different is how they are constantly using the latest and most updated research to inform their decisions on the critical aspects needed in baby formulas. Recent studies and findings show the importance of DHA in an infant’s early eye and brain development, and enough research has been conducted to make this an aspect the EU believes to be of utmost importance. Furthermore, the DHA in some brands come from algae oil, making it a natural, hexane-free extraction. For the other brands using fish oil the hexane extraction process is necessary, but the hexane amounts must be undetectable in the final product (unlike in some other American brands).

No Bad stuff needed in your formula

European formulas do not include artificial sweeteners, such as corn syrup, glucose, sucrose, and fructose. The formulas may only contain naturally occurring sweeteners that are in milk.Plus, EU formulas are unlike other formula brands with artificial ingredients, sugars, chemicals, and fillers. Which, to be honest, does more harm than good to your baby’s growth.

A formula for each stage of growth

European formulas also do formulas in stages, which means that they tailor specific nutrition for each growth stage of your baby’s development. So many other baby formulas on the market only have one formula for the entire first year of growth. European brands believe it is essential to get the right stage for your baby as they grow, tailored to their specific needs of growth.

Final Thoughts

You can feel confident and safe knowing European formulas provide the most wholesome nutrition overall, designed to nourish your baby throughout their development. The ingredients found in European formulas only provide premium quality with all the vitamins and minerals your baby will need to grow and develop at each stage. Your baby will be nourished and receive the best nutrition on any of the European formula brands. As parents, we always seek what is best for our little ones, especially in their first year of life when they are at their prime of development. With that mentioned, check out what every parent should know and consider some types of safe child products we recommend!


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