Talkspace Asks, Could You And Your Partner Benefit From Couples Therapy?

Your Partner Benefit

Couples therapy is psychotherapy for couples in romantic relationships. Typically, both partners will meet with a licensed marriage therapist to improve their current relationship or deal with a specific issue. In the initial session, the therapist will discuss the couple’s goals and establish a plan to help them meet these goals. Keep reading to find if you can your partner can benefit from couples therapy or not.

Some couples feel there is a stigma associated with seeking therapy. One or both partners may feel the reluctance to discuss the most private issues in their lives or feel they should be able to work it out themselves, without outside help. This is where Talkspace, a place to receive online therapy, comes in. Couples can choose audio or video chats or text messaging, so they can get the couples therapy they need in the privacy of their own home. No one will know they are undergoing therapy unless they choose to tell them.

Busy couples who rarely have free time can also benefit from online therapy from an app like Talkspace. Therapists are available 24/7 on the HIPPA compliant interface. There’s no need for couples to get a babysitter, they can schedule therapy once the kids are asleep. People are often more relaxed in the evening when they’re not worried about getting back to work on time or rushing home to get dinner started. Couples can devote their full attention to the therapy when they can schedule convenient appointments that fit in their schedule.

You and your partner benefit from couples therapy. A couple does not have to be married; resolving issues before being married can be very beneficial and help couples get off to a good start. Therapists treat straight, lesbian, and homosexual couples since they often have the same issues as everyone else. Interracial couples or couples with a large gap in their ages also can benefit from therapy, especially since they are often motivated to make the relationship work in spite of objections from family and friends.

Couples typically learn how to deal with conflict in a constructive way. No relationship is perfect; couples will fight, especially if they have been together a long time. Partners learn their role in the dysfunction, which can help them see how they view their relationship and their role in it. Learning how to change their behaviors. Therapists will frequently ask couples to apply what they’ve learned when conflict arises at home.

While there are many benefits to couples therapy, some couples who live in rural areas or small towns don’t have access to in-person therapy without driving a long distance. Even if they can make the drive, there is usually only one or two therapists to choose from. Online therapy makes it easy for anyone, no matter where they live, to access a variety of qualified couples therapists. With Talkspace, couples can choose a therapist that makes them feel comfortable. People may feel uncomfortable telling a therapist face-to-face that they would prefer to see someone, younger, older, or from their own cultural background. Choosing a therapist online eliminates this potentially uncomfortable conversation.


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