Finding the Best Storage Australia Facility

Storage Australia Facility

Moving home can be an exciting time for some, for others it ends up being an easily preventable nightmare, with a few basics laid down as a foundation for the process there is no reason why it couldn’t be executed with ease and minimal effort. Keep reading to find the best storage australia facility.

I have moved to and lived in 3 countries, each time more adventurous than the next, one of them being an international over-night long haul flight, with a 1-year old, fun time. As stressful as that may have been looking back on it now, we had no issues with our furniture removal or storage australia facility. 

We had planned well in advance what we wanted to do, knowing we had a little one in tow the last thing we needed adding to our plate was wondering if the boxes were safe. Would any be missing by the time we got back to them, or would the company have packed up with our belongings never to be seen or heard from again? 

Finding the right fit.

This was not a chance we were willing to take and so we began our research in finding the best storage australia facility at the best price. 

There was certainly going to be a large amount of furniture and boxes and we needed a company that could facilitate it all in one space as we weren’t keen on the idea of splitting ‘the load’ as they say, we all know this is how things get shifted around and go missing.

Thankfully we didn’t have to look too far before finding the firm that, for us, ticked all the boxes in terms of service, capacity, and pricing. 

Being blessed with landing on businesses like Storage Plus made the experience an enjoyable one, it was hassle-free, they were professional and courteous, and we felt confident from the volume of rave reviews from customers we read about on their website. Trusting a company with your life’s belongings essentially is a big step so doing your homework is vital in choosing the right one.

Making the choice.

You may have narrowed your search down to a couple of options and knowing what to look for will help make the final decision that much easier. A few key factors to consider and ensure you are choosing the best option to suit your needs will give you peace of mind in knowing your belongings are in ‘good hands.’

4 features of a good storage facility.

  • Security. This should be at the top of the priority list. You want to see that things are done in a safe and secure environment, each area and container is locked, comings and goings are recorded, and there is surveillance all-around for added safety. 
  • Access. Some facilities may have dedicated weekly opening times so if you will be needing access to your ‘locker’ over the weekend it might be best to look specifically for those. 
  • Reviews. Reading up on the company website will give a good indication of the comments customers leave after their experience of working with the business. Whether good or bad it is always good to know what you are getting yourself in for. 

The list can be long and tedious if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of things, to break it down simpler take a quick look at some of these handy tips for help on getting started on the right foot.

It also helps to enquire about their insurance policy and covers and how it is or can be incorporated into your rental and the coverage it provides.

  • Personalized. Lastly, more tailored requirements such as temperatures of the container have become increasingly popular, especially when storing large amounts of wooden furniture or electronics which are susceptible to humidity and temperature fluctuations. 

Either way, you decide to go, the vital component of the process is the preparation, the homework, and researching the best company to fit your lifestyle dynamic and requirements for your specific situation.

The perks.

Besides the fact that you don’t need to haul your life – that’s been packed up in boxes – around with you, opting to rent a storage space is a great idea with many advantages. And as much as we would love to take Old Joe from down the road up on his offer to use his falling apart garage, there isn’t much confidence in knowing you’ll get all your items back in one piece if at all. 

Using a professional space gives you peace of mind we could all use when transitioning homes. The memories being left behind make it tough to let go, but knowing your new life begins with trinkets safely stored for the next chapter makes it all worthwhile.

When you know you are relocating, having space or area where you can put boxes that you are taking with you can help reduce the clutter in your existing home and make it easier to sort through.

It also helps you store non-essential yet ‘not to throw away’ items like children’s artwork or perhaps seasonal stock like Christmas décor or paperwork from the office that seems to be in the way all the time. Putting categories in place in the storage container with a call sheet will only add to the organization you are now implementing into your life.

You may think there is no rhyme or reason as to how you store your things and the way you do is entirely up to you, but for some simple guidance check out this link with a few tips on how you could make it work in your favor from the get-go.

Final thoughts.

The main objective of using a storage business is to essentially get help, it may not be direct heavy lifting or hauling, but the simplicity of open space can change the world for you when things can seem overwhelming. 

If it means the jobs and tasks can get done without the headache of cluttered boxes everywhere, what have you got to lose? 


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