The Heroes of Stargirl


Like so many other comic book adaptations, Stargirl has various unlikely and sometimes unwilling heroes to help her through her journey. The creator of the Stargirl series, Geoff Johns, chose to recreate the original Justice Society of America for a younger generation.


Stargirl, played by Brec Bassinger, is the main character of this story. As Season One begins, she is an angry 15-year-old forced to leave her big city home for small-town life. Her mother’s new marriage and employment are what prompt this move. She becomes Stargirl after finding a powerful Cosmic Staff left by a deceased Justice Society member.


Stargirl’s powers are channeled through the Cosmic Staff. She can fly, manipulate the power of the stars and blind people with the use of her staff. She is also an accomplished gymnast and skilled fighter.


S.T.R.I.P.E. is more of a traditional sidekick. The S.T.R.I.P.E. robot is controlled by Pat Dugan, former sidekick to Starman. However, he does not have superpowers of his own. He makes up for this through creative inventions and a very large armored robot shell.


The character Pat Dugan, played by Luke Wilson, is in excellent physical and mental condition. What he lacks in special powers he makes up for in inventions that help keep Stargirl safe.


Wildcat, played by Yvette Monreal, is the first reluctant hero. Stargirl befriends her after Wildcat’s alter ego is slut-shamed by her classmates in high school. She gradually forms a bond with Stargirl and starts to trust her Wildcat abilities and instincts.


Her suit gives her the power to cut through metal with claws inside the suit. She is extremely agile and the suit amplifies this. She can run faster, jump higher, and scale buildings while she is wearing the Wildcat outfit. It also gives her inhuman reflexes and excellent balance.


Hourman, played by Cameron Gellman, is also a reluctant hero. His power comes from a magical hourglass. Although this hourglass makes him powerful, it has a time limit of exactly one hour. His father, the previous Hourman, thought it was best to limit the amount of time he can use his powers.


Once per day, Hourman has an hourglass that grants him enhanced strength, durability and the ability to leap incredible distances. Although he is undisciplined, his strength makes him an effective fighter against some of the most well-trained enemies.

Dr. Midnight

Doctor Midnight is technically an artificial intelligence (A.I.) in a set of goggles. When Beth Chapel puts the goggles on, she gains the ability to speak to the A.I., which is incredibly brilliant and knowledgeable. She is the one person who is not reluctant to become a superhero.


Beth gets her powers from the goggles. She can project holographs, identify people and objects, detect lies and decrypt codes. Her interaction with the A.I. amplifies her already high I.Q. What she lacks in physical strength, she makes up for by being creative and innovative.

Stargirl’s collection of heroes, despite their reluctance, eventually becomes a highly efficient team. Each of them has their own unique object that grants them their powers. They use their powers to combat the evil that is coming. Fans are eagerly awaiting new episodes with these characters. Season Two of Stargirl is anticipated to debut in mid-2021.


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