Short-Term Rental Etiquette: How to be the Perfect Guest

Short-Term Rental Etiquette

The prospect of an Australian adventure might be so intoxicating that guests focus on the destination and forget about where they are living. As a result, some short term rentals Caloundra guests will forget a few common courtesies like etiquette and respecting personal space. Plus, you might be new to the home-away-from-home travel and etiquette might be a little off.

Staying at a short term rental house or apartments is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the local culture. However did you know that small actions you take can win over your hosts? Here are a few tips that will help you pick the ideal real estate holiday rentals Sunshine Coast property.

Know what you want

The first step to any safe and successful trip starts with understanding what you expect from your lodgings. For example, a place without stairs because of your injured knees or accommodation in a certain neighbourhood due to its proximity to events and activities of interest.

Knowing what you want from a prospective short term rental home or apartment will also help you narrow down on the location.

Read the description

Many vacation seekers thumb through dozens of photos and book a property without giving much thought. Good real estate holiday rentals Sunshine Coast hosts spend a significant amount of time in crafting clear listings to help you decide if the property is the right fit.

The best guests actually take a breath stop and carefully read the description, list of amenities and house rules before booking. Upfront due diligence is the easiest way for both you and the host to avoid frustration and disappointment later.

After check-in and if the host is present, verify the house rules and ask for a tour of the property. While it looks superfluous, this step lets you learn the layout of the building and learn about any areas you should avoid. This is also a great time to ask for local recommendations—hosts love telling their guests about the gemstones in their towns!

Keep the property safe

Most short term rentals Caloundra landlords go the extra mile to keep their guests safe, and you should return the favour as a guest. Some safety tips to remember are:

  • Read the house manual
  • Keep doors and windows locked any time you leave
  • Keep your flashy and expensive items out of sight in your car or in front of windows

Also, remember to ask questions. For example, if you find using the grill is confusing, reach out to your landlord, host or their management company. Do not take unnecessary risks in someone’s home just because asking for a little help is embarrassing or time-consuming!

Leave the house better than you found it

While preparing to leave real estate holiday rentals Sunshine Coast has available, follow provided checkout instructions. Remember to tidy up by taking out the trash, giving floors a fast sweep, and cleaning dishes and putting them away.

Find your ideal perfect holiday home

Showing kindness to hosts and your neighbours goes a long way in improving your experiences at the best short term rentals Caloundra has. Visit the Accom Caloundra website at and book your perfect holiday accommodation.


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