Rental Property Investments: Common Mistakes You Must Avoid

Rental Property Investments

Purchasing noosa apartments for sale to use the property for rental income is a great, long-term financial investment option. However, be aware that the process involves a little more than just renting the property to the first tenant. A significant step is understanding the property type you would like to invest in, especially considering the money you are putting into it.

Some Noosa real estate for sale options available are apartments, single- and multi-family homes, condos, and others. Knowing the type you are about to invest in is important. Unfortunately, new real estate investors with little expertise or experience make some serious mistakes that eat at their profits. What errors are these?

Choosing the wrong location

A critical component to purchasing an investment property is the location—it can easily break or make your return on investment and cash flow. Look for properties that are close to high-traffic employment areas, which are attractive to most tenants because they save on commuting.

Extend your research to the property’s neighbourhood. Locations with easy access to fine dining options, entertainment centres, retail stores are great for investing in.

However, do not feel pressured that you need to make the purchase immediately, no matter how good the deal sounds. Researching the location beforehand can help you land Noosa real estate for sale offers with the largest profit in the future.

Misconstruing true demand of the area

Avoid purchasing a property in an area that does not support your investment strategy just because you think the location is beautiful. This is critical no matter the rental property type you want to establish, especially vacation rentals.

An area’s demand and supply determine your success or failure rate. Investigate the demand and supply in the area using real-time average vacancy rate figures. The data shows whether the area is a viable investment spot.

Vacancy rate data is available in census figures and from local property managers and agents for accurate insights.

Underestimating the cost of repair

When purchasing Noosa apartments for sale for rental income, it may be difficult to estimate repair costs. Be on the lookout for properties that require a substantial amount of work and money before it is ready to rent. Even great deals that are too-good-to-be-true, usually have a serious defect in hiding.

Rundown properties add plenty of money and time to your budget. This means that the rental property stays vacant longer—affecting your profit from the beginning since you are losing a monthly income. Some tips to deal with repairs on your investment property include:

  • Carrying out a professional and thorough inspection of the Noosa real estate for sale property. Experts know what to look for and the right questions to ask. A simple walkthrough or depending on your knowledge may hide important defects. Many times, underlying issues are not always obvious!
  • Hire qualified contractors to carry out the repairs
  • Create a budget for handling unforeseen problems with the property

Get help from the pros

One of the biggest mistakes new investors make is getting in way over their heads and taking on too much responsibility than they can handle. Richardson & Wrench are experts in Noosa apartments for sale with years of experience helping clients buy the best investment properties. To find out more, visit today.


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