5 Genius Hacks for a Gorgeous DIY Wedding Bouquet

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The average cost of a wedding in the United States is close to $35,000. With this kind of a price tag, brides-to-be are often looking to cut costs where they can.

Have you ever considered a DIY wedding bouquet and flower arrangements? Even if you aren’t trying to tighten the purse strings, designing your own wedding flower bouquet allows for an added touch of personalization.

Check out 5 of our top tips to help get you started as your own wedding florist!

1. Consider the Season

Think about what time of year you are getting married before you set your heart on any specific flowers.

Much like fruits and vegetables, even if you can find a type of flower outside of its growing season you are likely sacrificing quality and accumulating more cost. Also, consider where you live and what flowers are attainable locally.

2. Properly Prep Your Flowers

Once you have sourced the perfect selection of blooms for your special day, it’s time to get started. First, remove all foliage from the entire length of the stems. Be sure to also de-thorn if roses are part of your wedding flower bouquet. (Viagra)

Don’t trim your stems too short – you can do this at the end once your DIY wedding bouquet is assembled.

3. Use a Mix of Textures and Colors

While your ‘anchor flowers’ will be the main focal point, it is important to add differing sizes, blooms, and greenery for an appealing overall composition. Think about what colors compliment each other as well as tie in with the palate of your wedding.

The formality and theme of your wedding also come into play. A tight and tidy classic bouquet of roses suits a traditional affair. For a bohemian wedding, you’ll want a different look. Try a loose and flowy bouquet of wildflowers (think daisies, poppies, lavender, sunflowers) tied in with rustic sprigs of herbs, grasses, even berries.

Getting married on the beach? Then you can’t skip the hibiscus!

4. Go Beyond the Bouquet

As with most other purchases, flowers are cheaper if you buy in bulk. Why not skip out on hiring a wedding florist altogether and take a DIY approach to all of your other floral needs too? You will already have the necessary supplies.

Give an added touch of your own personal style to each table by making your own centerpieces. Create corsages and boutonnieres for your wedding party that are the perfect match for your bouquet.

5. Preserve Your Masterpiece

For best results with your DIY bridal bouquet, do the assembly on the morning of your actual wedding. If that sounds too stressful, a day or two before is fine too.

Once completed, give the entire thing a once-over spritz with water and then store it in the fridge until it’s go-time. Be sure to also keep the stems in water as long as possible.

Create the DIY Wedding Bouquet of Your Dreams?

Besides saving you money, making your own wedding bouquets is fun! Just remember to always start with sourcing fresh, quality flowers.

We hope our DIY wedding bouquet tips have inspired you to get creative for your special day. Stay tuned to the lifestyle section of our blog for more articles like this.


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