Make Sure Your Prescriptions Are The LOWEST Price

Prescriptions Are The LOWEST Price

The price of oral prescription drugs rose 9% annually over a period of eight years, from 2008 to 2016. Injectable drugs rose 15% annually in that same time frame. The rate of inflation is only 2%, leaving people wondering why prescription medication is so expensive.

Are you like one of the many people who spend $1,200 a year on prescriptions? While looking around for the lowest price prescriptions, have you researched pharmacy coupons and how to get a discount on prescription drugs?

There are ways to get your prescriptions at the lowest price. Keep reading to learn more about saving money on your prescriptions.

Use a Search Site

There are search sites like GoodRx. Type in the name of the drug you’ve been subscribed. The search feature will gather the current prices and any applicable discounts and locate the lowest price pharmacy for what you need.

Do You Qualify for Free Prescriptions?

Some pharmacies located inside grocery or big box stores offer a number of prescriptions for free. A lot of times these include maintenance drugs like those for high blood pressure or diabetes and other meds like antibiotics.

Subscribe and Save

Have you seen various retailers offering a discount if you subscribe to get automatic deliveries on the things you routinely buy? You can do the same with prescription drugs that you take regularly. Subscribe to save time and money.

Ask for a Lower Cost Alternative

When filling your prescription, ask questions. Your pharmacist will know if there’s a lower price alternative or a generic version of the drug you need.

Different pharmacies charge different prices as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for the price upfront before committing to purchase. The pharmacy up the street might have a better price.

Get the OTC Version

If you’re prescribed a painkiller or other common medication like skin cream, get the over-the-counter version. It is a lot less expensive than the prescription version.

Increase the Amount You’re Buying

Is your prescription something you take and refill every month? Sometimes buying a larger quantity ends up being less per pill. Instead of buying 30 pills at a time, get 60 as long as there is no worry about the medication expiring before you finish it.

Are You Taking Duplicates?

Your pharmacist knows exactly what each drug does and what ingredients it contains. Check to make sure that you are not taking drugs that duplicate each other.

Do you need a prescription filled? Get a low price prescription online using the pharmacy price checker.

Get the Lowest Price on Your Prescriptions

Now that you know how to get the lowest prices on your prescriptions, what’s your next move when filling your prescriptions? Do your research to find out the best plan for you or try visit Renown RX.

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