Church Cleaning 101: How to Clean and Disinfect a Church

Church Cleaning

Many church leaders spend hours thinking of how to keep their churches spiritually clean. However, the ongoing pandemic and flu season have forced many more churches to focus on keeping themselves physically cleaned and disinfected as well.

If not cleaned and disinfected, churches can be super spreaders. The last thing any child of God wishes is for their act of devotion and worship to cause pain.

So, how can you ensure your spiritual home is also a safe place to congregate? Follow these church cleaning tips:

Keep Your Pews Cleansed

While this seems like an easy enough directive to follow, it’s more complicated than it may appear. Cleaning your pews is the most time-consuming part of any church cleaning. How you clean and disinfect your pews depends on what material they are made from.

For example, if your church has wooden pews with an oil finish, you’ll need to buy or make a cleaner meant for wiping down oil-based finishes. Then, you must triple clean it with three different cloths. If it has a hard finish, standard wood cleaners will do. In either case, you will need a wood-safe sanitizing solution to disinfect following the cleaning process.

If your pews have cushions or are upholstered, you’ll need to spray them with a gentle detergent, then vacuum them with a HEPA approved filter. After that, you’ll have to use oxygen bleach or fabric sanitizer to disinfect the cushions.

If all of this maintenance is making your head spin, you can reach out to a professional cleaner. Prestige Janitorial Services offers specialized church cleaning services to handle it for you.

Wipe Down Doorknobs On a Regular Basis

Doorknobs are one of, if not the most commonly touched surfaces of any building. Especially in churches. Fortunately, most available commercial disinfectant wipes will do for cleaning and disinfecting them. The trick here is ensuring that the most trafficked areas get special attention.

However, even if a door isn’t used by the congregation on a regular basis, make sure you’re wiping down every door handle as often as you can.

Vacuum All Your Floors

Check the floors of any church you visit, even your own. Chances are, somewhere in the sanctuary itself or one of the many halls, there’s a dusty corner or a few lurking around.

Don’t let this be your church. Make sure you’re vacuuming every nook and cranny, clearing away any obvious contamination.

Wipe Down Your Electronics and Instruments

If your church uses microphones, speakers, computers, or keyboards, you need to make sure they get wiped down with disinfectant after each use. The same thing applies to any of your instruments, like pianos or organs. Just know that special instructions may apply to these instruments.

Still, Need More Church Cleaning Tips?

Don’t worry. There are endless resources you can find online to help improve your church cleaning (or general cleaning) processes. In fact, if you need any further cleaning tips for performance venues or gathering places, check out our blog today for more content like this!


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