Top 5 Pest Control Ideas

Pest Control Ideas

Time and time again, it’s been proven that a good offense is the best defense. Here are some pest control ideas.

It isn’t only a matter of health to control mosquitos and other pests. Pest Control Ideas can also save you thousands of dollars, or your home, in repair costs from termite damage. How can you control current infestations or prevent future ones?

It’s time to read our top five Pest Control Ideas at bay. Keep scrolling to find out!

1. Keep a Tidy and Clean House

Keeping a clutter-free space will eliminate areas where roaches and other critters can nest or refuge. An especially favorable place for pests to nest is in and around old flattened cardboard boxes.

Cardboard collects moisture and often provides a great space for pests with a lot of surface area and darkness.

2. Standing Water Is Your Enemy

A crucial step in mosquito control is eliminating standing water. Gutters, hidden drains, empty flower pots, mop buckets in bathroom closets — mosquitos (and other pets) will take advantage of any standing water available.

Do a thorough inspection of any areas around or in your home where water frequently sits undisturbed for more than a day and do what you can to eliminate the problem.

3. Better in Than Out: Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables offer a great energy-packed snack for any pest when left out. Fruit flies are annoying but harmless. The real problem lies with roaches, ants, and houseflies.

Munching on exposed food that a pest already took a bite of will expose that person or animal to disease and allergic reaction. It goes without saying that not only fruits and vegetables are at risk — any food left out unsealed is at risk.

4. Empty Your Garbage Cans Frequently

On par with leaving food out, we often don’t think about our garbage cans when we imagine leaving food out.

Our garbage cans are another place that pests love to feast and hang out. Especially if it’s common for you to throw wet paper towels and used coffee grounds out.

5. Call the Best Pest Control Companies

Typing in “best pest control near me” into Google is a good first step to finding out problem areas in your specific home. Every home is different, and no one knows pests like the pros!

It might cost a little to take care of a problem area, but many companies offer discounts on consultations at the very least. Set up a call today to keep your loved ones safe!

Pest Control: Top Tips to Keep in Mind

Unlike the family pet, pests are no fun to have around. Pest control services end up being a necessary evil most of the time. However, even consultation and some preventative maintenance can go a long way to curbing a current infestation or reducing the risk of a later one.

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