Toys for 10 Year Old Boys: Gifts for Festive Season 2020

toys for 10-year-old boys

When you are searching for toys for 10-year-old boys, you will see plenty of options out there. It can get quite overwhelming when figuring out how to find the best toy. From sporty toys to figurines to gaming consoles, the possibilities are limitless. What you have probably grown up thinking a toy is, has been completely changed. All your new kinds of innovative toys like pop its toys, turning tumble, etc., are coming up, and even the old school toys like cards, marble, etc., are getting upgraded to match this age’s technological advancements. To make things easier for you to find the best toys for 10-year-old boys, we have brought you an extensive list. No matter what the child likes, you will indeed find the perfect toy without any hassle from this list.

26 toys to give to a 10-year-old Boy

Some of the best toys for 10-year-old boys are as follows:

Football/Soccer kit

You can get specialized football kits for young boys. This is one of the most popular toys for 10-year-old boys as it does not only let them be active and helps children make fast friends. You can get a football kit consisting of a premium football and a small goal post, jerseys, and shoes for your active ten years old. Some football kids will also have specialized bags to carry the football gear to the nearest field. You can also get a customized soccer kit for your child by getting their name printed on the jersey.

Lego set

Legos are some of the most well-loved toys for 10-year-old boys. With the help of lego goes, the imagination of the child is thrown open. There are different kinds of legos available out there, including Star wars legos, Batman legos, and special boxes from The Lego Movie. No matter what your child’s favorite toys, you will surely get one in the form of Legos. You can also get Lego boxes without any structured item to build if you feel like that will be too complicated for your 10-year-old. This way, they can use the imagination to construct their dream structure.

toys for 10-year-old boys

 Yo-yo with LED lights

We have all grown up with you, yours, and it was one of the most fun toys out there.IIf you look at the yo-yos available in the market today, your head will spin. No more are you made with a simple one-colored string and the device. The sheer number of hues used that are used to make the yo-yos of today are virtually uncountable. However, it would help if you got the 10-year-old boy a yo-yo made with LED lights for the most fun yo-yo. Different colored LED lights are used, which looks brilliant any time of the day. A lot of time can be killed doing various tricks that you can teach your child.

 Yo-yo with LED lights

Totoro Plushie

If the 10-year-old boy is a fan of Miyazaki movies, then what better present would be than a Totoro Plushie. All children well like the rabbit-like spirit creature. Totoro plushies are available in all sizes, and the 10-year-old boy will have a Gala time playing with a life-size plushie. You can also get other paraphernalia from the Miyazaki movies if the child collects them.

 D-I-Y Jewellery Set

For creative toys for 10-year-old boys, you can go for a D-I-Y jewelry set. Jewelry sets for 10-year-olds are made with BPA free plastic and environment-friendly glitter. Make sure you read the labels on the box before you purchase it. These kinds of do-it-yourself jewelry sets will not have hot glue guns, so you do not need to body about children hurting themselves. Such toys are perfect for boys who want to do something out of the box.

 D-I-Y Jewellery Set

Nerf gun

Nerf guns are prevalent among young boys. There are plenty of different kinds of nerf guns out there in the market, including boards that can be used to practice the perfect aim. These guns are safe to use, and nobody will get hurt. It would be advisable to get a small to medium-sized nerf gun to be comfortable in the little hands of a 10-year-old boy.

 Hotwheel cars

Hotwheels are probably one of the most famous toy brands in all of the world. There are millions of hot wheels cars available out there.

You can get a single piece car or ten-piece set depending upon your budget. Hot Wheels cars are made up of diecast, so you do not need to worry about them getting damaged. You can also buy hot wheels tracks so that the child can have a great time racing their favorite car.

 Hotwheels Garage Set

If the 10-year-old boy for whom you are purchasing The toy already has hot wheels cars, you can get them a hot wheels garage set. Any model of a hot wheels garage set can be purchased as they are all brilliant. The garage set has plenty of space to keep the Hotwheels cars. They will also have plenty of other features like a landing pad for helicopters or places where you can attach your favorite racing track.

Barbie and Ken set

Barbie and Ken doll collectibles can be purchased for a 10-year-old boy who likes rare figurines. Many different ken dolls can be bought. You can also get a proper play-set that will include a dollhouse.

Transformers figurines

Transformers is one of the most famous cartoon/ movie franchise for kids. Children of all generations enjoy Transformers, and you can get a transformers figurine for the 10-year-old. It would be best to get a car that transforms into Optimus Prime or Bumblebee for the kid.

toys for 10-year-old boys

 Marvel/DC comics action figures

A fantastic toy that the 10-year-old boy will hold year for years to come is a Marvel or DC comic action figure. Depending upon what the child considered their favorite multiverse, you can pick out an action figure. You will have plenty of options ranging from Batman, Flash, Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman to Wonder Woman for the DC fan or Iron-Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Mr. Fantastic, Black Widow, Hawk-eye, Hulk to Thor for the Marvel fan. The options are limitless, and the child will surely be happy.

Tie-Dye D-I-Y kits

For a 10-year-old boy interested in fashion, a do-it-yourself tie-dye kit would be the perfect gift. From T-shirts to handkerchiefs, a lot of clothing can be tie-dyed. It will be a fantastic gift and will open their creative skills. Make sure that the box that you are buying is safe for children and the colors are environmentally-friendly.

 Star Wars Baby Yoda Plushies

After the release of The Mandalorian, the world cannot seem to get enough of baby Yoda. You can get the 10-year-old a baby Yoda plushie, which is going to their favorite soft toy immediately. Baby Yoda plushies look adorable, and any child would love to have one, especially if you can get a lightsaber along with it. The child’s inner jedi can be awakened, and if you are a Star Wars fan, then it is mandatory to bring your child to the Jedi order.

 Star Wars Baby Yoda Plushies

 Pokemon Balls

The Pokemon universe is ever-increasing, and so are its fans. No matter their favorite Pokemon generation, any 10-year-old Pokemon fan would love to have a Pokemon ball. You can get a Pokeball or a Master ball with a Pokemon inside. If you want, you can also gift the Pokemon kid cards as they are quite valuable.

Junior UNO

From young to old, everybody enjoys playing UNO. It is a fantastic card game that tends to bring people together. If you look at the different types of UNO cards available in the market, you will be overwhelmed. There are even unique cards design for children called junior UNO. These cards come with adorable designs that any 10-year-old boy will enjoy.

Laser Remote Control Car

Gone are the days of Chunky remote control cars with antennas. Nowadays, you will find brilliant laser remote control cars that are easier to manage and better response time. Some of these laser cars are so brilliant that they can even be driven on walls. With so many bright colors and excellent designs, you will indeed find the best car possible for the 10-year-old boy.

toys for 10-year-old boys

Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Begins

If you are a dungeons and dragons fan and want to pass on the legacy to your young one, you can give them ‘Dungeons and Dragons adventure Begins.’ It is much less complicated than the Dungeons and dragon game and can be easily played by all. It is a lot of fun, and it will teach the 10-year-old boy a lot of good lessons like how to co-operate with others.

Hacker Cybersecurity Game

For kids of this age, it is imperative to learn about cybersecurity. 10-year-olds of this age are very text-friendly, and they have to learn the nitty-gritty of computers from a very young age. Hacker cybersecurity game is a brilliant way to teach them how to navigate through the internet safely. The game teaches them to be proactive and safe in a fun way.

Monopoly: Ultimate Banking

Monopoly is one of the most famous games available out there. It is one of the most popular party games, and people of all ages enjoy it. Therefore, it is a safe choice to gift any 10-year-old boy. The Monopoly: ultimate banking set is colorful, and the child will have a great bonding time with family and friends when they bring out this board game.


Scrabble is a brilliant way to learn spellings, and a 10-year-old boy will surely enjoy it. There are many junior Scrabble boards out there that are colorful and fun to look at.



When brought out, Jenga is a brilliant game that brings many smiles to people’s faces. The game is maybe simple: it is very engaging. Jenga is available for young kids in vibrant colors. Simple wooden ones may be the choice for adults; however, we can understand that a little colorful option will be enjoyed by children more.


If the 10-year-old boy enjoys marbles, then you can get the child a lot of marbles. Playing with marbles has been providing children a great time since ancient times. However, nowadays, a lot of different marbles are available in colors and designs. You will also find various kinds of marbles of different shapes available and not just the spherical ones we commonly see.

Hula hoops

Hula-hoops are another brilliant gift that you can give to a 10-year-old boy. Children can dance with a hula hoop, which will also serve as a good form of exercise. Get hula hoop in the boy’s favorite, and he will surely fall in love with it.

Snakes and Ladder Game

The snakes and ladder game is very famous all over the world. It is a brilliant board game that is enjoyed by children of all ages. You can get a vibrant snakes and ladders game, which comes with a ludo game.

Snakes and Ladder Game

Nintendo Switch

For a ten-year-old boy who enjoys video games, a Nintendo Switch is the perfect option. If you want to save a few bucks, a Nintendo Switch lite can also be purchased. Nintendo Switch is available in many different colors.

Indoor basketball hoop and ball

Even if you feel the kid does not have enough place to enjoy a nice basketball game, you can get an indoor basketball hoop and ball. This can be easily fixed on any wall or door, and the ball is made up of soft material so that even if it crashes on some object, it will not cause any damage. The 10-year-old boy will have a fun time aiming and shooting hoops inside the house without disrupting anything.

Final thoughts

This extensive list of toys for 10-year-old boys has something for everyone. No matter your 10-year-old likes, he will surely find something that matches an item on this list. Get an item for the kid that will fit their personality the most. With so many things to choose from, you will never have any problem figuring out what to give to the budding young boy.


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