Benefits of Using Recruitment Agencies Adelaide for Your Job Search

Recruitment Agencies Adelaide

Recruitment agencies are becoming really popular in Adelaide as most organizations now rely on their expertise to fill vacant positions. For this reason, more job seekers are looking up these agencies for employment opportunities. We will discuss how these agencies work, the categories of recruitment, and the advantages of using recruitment agencies in your job search.

What Are Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment agencies are companies that select suitable candidates to fill vacant positions in different companies. They get candidates from their website, job fairs, network, recruiting on social media, and job sites.

When the recruiter has seen a suitable candidate to fill a particular position, their resume will be screened alongside the motivation letter. If a match was found between the job description and the candidate’s details, the recruiter will invite them to an interview. The candidate’s skills will be discussed further during the interview.

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Furthermore, if the candidate was successful, they will get another invite to be interviewed by the company that has the vacant position. The recruiting agency will continue monitoring the process to know if the candidate was considered for the job or not.

Simply put, recruitment agencies serve as middlemen between people who are searching for jobs and companies who are searching for employees. 

Categories of Recruitment

Categories of Recruitment

In every organization, recruitment is a very important aspect of developing and nurturing an efficient team. Therefore, a top-notch recruitment strategy can help to reduce waste of resources that would be incurred to train unqualified staff. 

Have you ever wondered how recruitment agencies find the ideal candidates? They employ various methods when sourcing, screening, shortlisting, and selecting candidates based on the requirements of the company that needs to hire. Recruitment is divided into three categories: recruitment and selection, project sourcing, and interim.

Recruitment and Selection

This category of recruitment involves looking for people to fill permanent positions in a company. As soon as the candidate gets the job, the recruitment agency’s work comes to an end. This category is quite interesting for people who are looking for permanent jobs in certain industries. Most companies also utilize this method as it saves them time and money spent in searching for new employees.

Project Sourcing

This category can be referred to as outsourcing, contracting, co-sourcing, secondment, or project work. Here, the company needs candidates who are willing to handle projects with various clients but on a temporal basis. However, the candidates will remain permanent staff of the outsourcing company.

This type of recruitment is interesting for freelancers or people with knowledge in specific fields, who are looking towards gaining more experience by working on different projects. So, joining an outsourcing company will avail them the opportunity to work on various projects which are usually medium or long term.

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This category places more emphasis on short term jobs. Here, temping agencies help other companies who need people to occupy certain positions for a short period. Some organizations need people who are willing to handle short term assignments such as:

  1. Replacing a permanent employee
  2. Handling a temporary rise in operations
  3. Dealing with exceptional tasks

Interim recruitment is different from project sourcing in the following ways:

  1. Project sourcing is interested in medium and long-term projects while interim places more emphasis on short-term projects.
  2. Project sourcing focuses on implementing projects that need specialized knowledge. Interim focuses on filling vacancies that need general knowledge.
  3. In project sourcing, as soon as the project comes to an end, you still have a permanent employment with the outsourcing company. However, in interim, the temping agencies only have a temporal relationship with the candidates. As soon as the assignment is completed, the job comes to an end. As a result, people who choose project sourcing will get better conditions and personal attention from the organization.

Advantages of Using Recruitment Agencies

If you are in search of a new job, recruitment agencies can help you in the following ways:

  1. The recruiter can contact you directly because they found your profile or resume and they believe that you are suitable for a particular role.
  2. You can contact them yourself by applying for a specific job or submitting an open application. Recruitment agencies usually check if your skills match any upcoming position.

Here are the benefits of using recruitment agencies to applicants:

  1. As an applicant, you do not need to pay any fee to apply. Recruitment agencies work based on request and earn from their clients (the companies that need to hire). Hence, you will be getting help without being charged.
  2. They have expert knowledge of the job market. They know the companies and sectors that have realistic opportunities for persons with your expertise and knowledge. So, they can match your skills with the right jobs.
  3. They have a wide network. As a result, they can quickly link you up with projects and interesting clients.
  4. Through their several years of partnering with companies, recruitment agencies are usually the first to know when there is a job opening. They have access to employment opportunities that applicants do not. So, when you rely on agencies, you will be leveraging on their network. 
  5. Depending on the category of recruitment, recruitment agencies will keep tabs on the application. Also, you will get a feedback if the company likes your profile and need to interview you. The agencies will also assist you from the interview stage to the point of salary negotiation.
  6. In terms of project sourcing, you will enjoy job security as there will be a variety of projects and a permanent contract for you to work on.
  7. They can give you tips on how to present your resume in order to increase your chances of getting an offer.

As an applicant, you need to seize every opportunity at your disposal to connect with the right job. You can jumpstart the job hunt by checking out Humanology recruitment agencies in Adelaide to learn how to increase your chances of getting connected to the right company.


We have discussed how recruitment agencies work, the categories of recruitment, and the advantages of using them when searching for a job. Job hunting doesn’t have to be stressful; with recruitment agencies, your worries will be minimal. 


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