Memory loss- 5 Ways to improve your memory naturally

Memory loss- 5 Ways to improve your memory naturally

Have you ever walked into a store and forgotten what you wanted to buy? Or run into a room only to forget what you were looking for? Well, if all that happened to you, join the club because you’re not the only one. We’ve all experienced moments when it was hard to remember some detail, and even healthy people, regardless of their age, experience memory loss or memory distortion that becomes even more pronounced with age.

A steady memory depends entirely on the health and wellbeing of your brain. Whether you’re a businessman with a bunch of responsibilities, or a student trying to prepare for the finals, there are lots of natural ways you can improve your memory. In a fast-moving and modern world, it’s easier than ever to feel either feel overwhelmed or inpatient, so there is no wonder why increasingly more people accuse memory loss or concentration problems. However, besides slowing down and eliminating distractions like your smartphone, there are simple yet effective ways you take charge and improve your memory, mental health and concentration.  

1. Meditation for working memory

Your working memory, which is also known as the brain’s notepad, is where all the new information is stocked temporarily. When acquiring new information like someone’s name or an address, that information remains in your working memory until you’ve done with them. If they are not useful anymore, your brain allows you to forget them. When that information has a higher significance, you bind them to long-term memory where they can be reinforced and recalled later.

Our working memory is something we use daily, and it makes our existence easier when it’s stronger. Adults are able to stock in their memory about seven items, but if that memory isn’t used at its maximum capacity, meditation is one thing that can help them fortify it.

Studies have shown that people with less experience in mindfulness meditation can improve their memory power in just eight weeks.

Meditation can be a powerful tool for concentration and has also been shown to improve working memory abilities in just two weeks. Moreover, studies have shown that ingesting CBD oil or smoking OrganicCBDNugs, can reduce stress, improve short-term memory, and promote a better mind-body connection.

2. Coffee for Memory consolidation

Consuming coffee before learning something new is still a debated subject. Most research has found no results from ingesting caffeine before creating new memories. One recent research, however, found that consuming or taking a caffeine pill after a certain task that required the use of memory actually improved memory recall up to 25 hours later.

During the research, participants had to memorize a set of images, where they were later tested by viewing the same set of pictures, similar pictures, and completely different pictures. The purpose of the research was to find out which were the exact images they had memorized, without being deceived by images that were similar.

3. Be a social butterfly

With a rich social life also come many health benefits. It goes without saying that those with a rich social network are less likely to be depressed, stressed and accuse memory problems. Studies have shown that people with an abundant social interaction experience a lower rate of memory decline.

As we age, our brains naturally begin to experience a degree of cognitive decline. Fortunately, one free, simple, and enjoyable way to keep our brain intact is through social ties.

When compared with middle-aged individuals, those in their 80s had the most stamina of those in their 50s or 60s. The study has shown that those in their 80s had considerably higher “measure of social relations” than other groups, and they put greater importance on positive social relationships. Moreover, a higher level of loneliness has also been linked to anxiety, depression, and stress, all of which can be detrimental for the health of the brain.

4. Build Your Vocabulary

Learning a new vocabulary will not only make you sound smart, but the process itself can be extremely stimulating for your brain. Whether it’s for a new language, or for an important speech, trying to enrich your vocabulary can be enjoyable and helpful at the same time. Research has shown that many more brain regions are involved in vocabulary tasks, particularly in the areas that are essential for auditory and visual processing. To put this theory into practice, consider this cognitive-boosting activity:

  • Keep a notebook with you when you play a new game or read.
  • Always mark unfamiliar words, then make time to look up their definitions
  • Try to use your new vocabulary as often as possible.

5. Learn a new skill

There is no secret that if you wish to improve your memory and concentration, you will have to work at it. Studies have shown that the simple task of learning a new skill or language that’s unfamiliar with you can have a considerable improvement in memory. The study observed three groups of people. The first group attempted to learn a new skill, the second participated in social interaction but without learning nothing new, while the third listened to music or did puzzles. As you were expecting, the first group proved a significant improvement in memory functions.

As it seems, it’s not always enough to get out and do something- it’s also necessary to get out and try something that is both unfamiliar and mentally challenging, and that can give you mental stimulation both mentally and socially.

There are many ways you can improve your memory and concentration, and these are only a few. Focusing on your brain health is one of the best ways to improve focus, memory, and mental agility, regardless of your age. Also, incorporating brain exercises into your everyday life, such as games, a new vocabulary, or a new skill, hanging out with people or changing your diet can be a great way of stimulating your brain. This will sharpen your cognitive abilities, and possibly help you learn something new along the way too.



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