Vessel Sinks from Aquatica


A vessel sink is often a synonym to luxurious lifestyle. Such washbasins are associated only with bathrooms, as they aren’t suitable for kitchens. Some state that vessel sinks are inconvenient and impractical, which, however, isn’t true at all. A decent vessel washbasin would perfectly suit any bathroom, as such products are designed to combine beautiful appearance, simple cleaning, and reasonable price.

How Can You Pick a Perfect Vessel Sink?

When choosing a modern bathroom sink, one needs to consider several essential criteria:

  1. Height and length of your new sink. You don’t want your faucet mounted neither too far nor too close to the sink’s bottom. Most solutions from Aquatica are 4-8 inches high, so you should add your countertop to this number to spot a perfect place for positioning a faucet.
  2. Color and style of the washbasin. Make sure that your new vessel sink will fit the color palette and design of your bathroom. Fortunately, Aquatica offers combined sets of bathtubs and sinks, so the choice becomes much simpler.
  3. Height and thickness of your cabinet. Vessel sinks are quite lightweight and easy to install, but it’s still suggested to check how much weight your countertop can carry.

Why Choose Aquatica’s Vessel Sinks?

Vessel sinks from Aquatica are manufactured using groundbreaking composite materials – AquateX and NeroX. They resemble the qualities and the look of natural stone while providing smaller price and simple maintenance. All sinks and bathtubs from the company are produced in its European factory, which guarantees utmost attention to detail and flawless quality.

Need a Solution for Outdoor Use? Not a Problem!

If you are looking for an outdoor shower for a swimming pool, beach club, or hot tub, consider checking out Aquatica’s showers are produced using top-quality stainless steel, which can easily withstand any damage. Outdoor solutions from Aquatica are very simple to install – just drain them into the ground, and you’re good to go!


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