See the world with these best travel places to visit in December

Best travel places to visit in December
Best travel places to visit in December

The best travel places to visit in December should give you warmth, color, and entertainment. While some of the regions have irresistibly cold weather, some of the world’s tropical and central regions become more colorful. If you are looking for the top places to visit in December, here is a small list.

One of beach lovers’ best travel places to visit in December – Cape Town

Cape Town adds historic beauty, natural bliss, and cultural colors to your vacation. You can spend the daylight with beaches, adventure activities, and cultural sightseeing. When the sun sets, Cape Town becomes a lively place for nightlife entertainment. Top places to enjoy in Cape Town are the National Botanical Garden, Robben Island, Table Mountain, and Two Oceans Aquarium.

The best part about a cultural, historical destination is shopping. Top items to buy here are leather articles, beadworks, ceramic craft, and others. If you love adventure activities, try hiking, beach hopping, wine tasting, and other water activities. Even though December is a prime winter month, the temperature stays warm at 30 degrees C throughout the month.

One of adventure lovers’ best travel places to visit in December – Bali

Bali has beaches, beach resorts, islands, and water activities, just like a beach destination. However, tourists consider Bali a holistic vacation destination with adventure, honeymoon, and relaxation bundled up into a single destination. If you love to spend the day out in the sun with adventure activities, Bali is your dream destination.

The best travel places to visit in December in Bali are Nusa Dua, Ubud, and Kuta. You can buy wooden articles, figurines, coffee, chocolate products, woven handicrafts, bags, etc. The winter climate is pleasingly warm, and the colors will be vibrant. You can see many tropical flowers and fruits flourishing during this month.

One of carnival lovers’ best travel places to visit in December – Rio De Janeiro

Everybody enjoys carnivals, but what if your entire vacation is a colorful carnival? If you wish to make such a dream come true, you need a destination like Rio De Janeiro. Rio is a beach destination without a doubt, but the land has much to offer than just the beaches.

The cultural beauty of the land and nightlife makes it more interesting for young travelers. Top places to visit in Rio are Copacabana Beach, Christ the Redeemer, Ipanema Beach, Maracaibo, and Sugarloaf Mountain. If you plan a shopping spree during your vacation, do not forget to buy local ceramics, hammocks, dry-cured cigars, etc.

The temperature is mildly warm and has an excellent clear sky throughout the year. Thus, you can spend most of your day under the sun, exploring and entertaining. It is also a critical honeymoon destination for those who are looking for a vibrant destination.

One of luxury lovers’ best travel places to visit in December – Dubai

Dubai has ultra-luxury hotels, exotic water activities, rich cuisine, and exciting culture. Do you have a travel or adventure bucket list? You can cut numerous lines off your bucket list if you visit Dubai. It has the fastest roller coaster, the tallest building, the biggest water theme park, and more.

Top destinations to enjoy in Dubai are Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Wild Wadi Waterpark, Gold Souk, Desert Safari, etc. Dubai is also a shopping destination, where malls offer both entertainment and shopping experiences. Top items to buy here are perfumes (Oudh, Frankincense, and others), dates, electronics, and souvenir items. While you are in Dubai, do not forget to try their authentic local cuisine.

The cultural cauldron for exotic lovers – Madrid

Madrid is the city with streets filled with festivals, football games, medieval castles, and a cheesy cuisine. If you wish to add some loyalty to your vacation, Madrid is the best place. It is one of the classy honeymoon destinations to try. Top places to visit in Madrid are Museo Nacional Del Prado, Royal Palace, Central Madrid, Buen Retiro Park, and Plaza Mayor.

Tourists prefer to spend the day enjoying the culture and sightseeing spots. By evening, the nightlife activities start, and the city goes into a colorful mode. The only disadvantage is that Madrid gets a little colder during December, especially after sunset. Thus, pack some thick clothing.

Madrid is another historic destination in this list, and without a doubt, it is one of the best shopping destinations. You can buy pearl articles, shawls, street snacks, thimbles, and others. You can always catch up with a carnival if you are visiting during the prime tourism season.

Arabian lovers’ nostalgic desert destination – Cairo

The dusty sandstone hue of the land adds more authenticity to the cultural beauty. It is the best place to enjoy a nostalgic vacation. You can spend 10 days in Egypt and visit incredible destinations like the Giza pyramids and the Nile River. Beyond these, you can explore the Djoser pyramid, Khan el-Khalili, Egyptian Museum, and Gize Necropolis.

Cairo gives you all the cliché Arabian activities like desert activities, camel safari, sightseeing, cultural activities, and rich cuisine. Apart from these, you can find scuba diving, adventure sports, and more. Like the rest of Egypt, Cairo stays warm and dry, allowing you to enjoy the land’s cultural beauty.

Shopping sprees are common in the souqs of Cairo. You can find interesting items like metal works, incense, hookah, souvenirs, and others. Cairo is the best place if you love to get out in the sun and explore.

Other notable best travel places to visit in December are the Philippines, Maldives, Goa, Mexico, Laos, Chile, and others. Since winter is a thriving season in tropical regions, it is easier to find vibrant, colorful, and cheerful places in the middle of December. Before you start with the planning, and packing, check out the flight availability. December is the peak tourism season, and the chances of flights being full are not something uncommon. Plan and book all the required amenities before you fly to a foreign land. Choose these best destinations to end the year with a classy look.


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