All You Need to Know About Eliquid Flavours


Regardless of why you vape, if you do and want to get the best out of it, this mini guide on vaping can help you discover more enhancing your liquid vape experience. 

You must have heard many vapers say that it is fun trying new flavors. If you are open to something fresh, then several innovative providers such as Cloudride e-liquid flavors bring users a delightful vaping experience. Just imagine whiffing on rich tastes created for you without failing the FDA standards! Isn’t that something out of the e-liquids box you usually get to lay your hands on? 

Whether you are new to vaping or an old-timer, people are often confused about the vape juice. Let’s simplify it for your understanding!

Who can vape? 

Well, anyone can vape but it is more common among smokers who try it as a substitute in their resolution to quit smoking. It is not unusual for smokers to fail several attempts at quitting smoking. Vaping can become a relatively harmless path that can enable you to dump those tobacco buds forever. It is also a cheaper alternative to smoking tobacco.

What is vape juice?

Also known as e-liquid or e-juice, vaping juice is a fluid that can be placed in an e-cigar or a vaporizer for inhalation by the user. Available in various flavors, when this liquid is heated, it changes its form into vapor just like water changes to steam when heated at a high temperature. Generally, vape liquids are heated between 90 degrees and 200 degrees Centigrade that lead to the transmission of its state. 

What is the composition of vaping liquid?

Well, these juices generally are a mixture of nicotine, propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) and food-grade flavorings. Sometimes both VG and PG are present in the vaping juice. Also, it could be free of nicotine. This substance is addictive and can leave your brain craving for it. 

Nicotine provides the brain with a high which could be dangerous. Read how to remove nicotine from your body @

If you are planning to quit smoking, it would be best to choose an e-juice that has negligible or zero nicotine content in it. So you can refer to the chart that provides guidelines on the percentage of nicotine-mixed e-juice a smoker can vape. This would depend on the level of smoking a person is indulged in.

Some smokers don’t find the highest permissible nicotine strength in vaping liquids to be good enough to replace their craving. This is why you can find nic salts. 

Nic salts are just the form of nicotine you can find in tobacco and could have the same addiction potential. Nic salts can be added to your vaping liquid to get that strong hit akin to that of nicotine. Many people combine the two as the salt in nic salts can change the PH level of the e-juice which makes it easily absorbable by the bloodstream, giving them an instant kick that lasts longer. 

Propylene Glycol (PG) and e-liquid

Propylene Glycol has a thinner consistency that makes the vaping liquid lighter so that it’s easy to handle especially for filling and re-filling. So, if you are concerned about the upkeep of your vaping device, using a PG-enhanced liquid would lead to less build-up. 

Also, this substance has no odor or taste of its own and thus does not interfere with the flavor of your e-juice. However, if you are looking for big clouds, this may not satiate your desire as such. 

Now that you know the primary ingredients of any vaping liquid base, let’s see what other ingredients you might read on the packet of your e-juice. Most flavors are created using tested flavors that meet all quality standards. It is this blend of exclusive flavors that give your vaping juice its essence. 

Synthetic flavors are quite common as this ensures that the essence is not lost upon heating unlike it would happen if pure natural flavorings would be used. However, they are all food grade!

The common vape e-liquid flavors

Of course, people have their specific likes and dislikes when it comes to flavors but if you are new to vaping, knowing the popular flavors could enable you to comfortably make your choice. From sweet to tangy, there’s an entire range of juices to select from. For those who like the minty cool flavor, the menthol-based juices will offer a refreshing experience. 

For those who like the fruity flavors, there’s apple, blueberry, cherry, and more. The pudding flavors combine milk and fruits just the way custards are made. From vanilla to strawberry and many, these flavors are a hit. You also have the drink-based juices that range from cooling summer drinks to warm winter beverages. And just in case you are comfortable sticking to tobacco flavor alone, give the cigar essences a try.

Do you need to take care of your vape juices?

Yes, vaping liquids do need to be stored in a certain way to ensure that it lasts. We already discussed the various ingredients that are combined to make these liquids. Don’t forget that all the ingredients have a shelf life. To optimize the vape liquid’s life; store it in a cool and dark place as sunlight can trench its essence. 

E-juices can be stored in their original form for up to 2 years without losing their potency although. If you aren’t using it right away, don’t open it until required as it will help retain the flavor for a longer time. Vaping on an expired juice means that you won’t be able to derive a quality experience. 

Make sure you regularly clean the tanks and coils, especially when using strong flavors. Some people prefer using different tanks for different essences. Those looking for a better ‘hit’, mixing essences can be a good idea.  

Did you know that steeping could make your vaping experience even better? Well, the traditional steeping technique which entails aging can make your juice increasingly flavorful. So what happens when the liquid is steeped? It simply amplifies the connection between the ingredients of the juice by darkening its color and adding to its potency. This is a time taking process that removes air from the juice. 

Steeping processes 

Steeping can be done in various ways. One is a slow process that involves storing the liquid in a cool and dark place and giving it a gentle shake every day. This will cause the color of the juice to gradually darken in about 14 days. 

The second process involves using heat where you will be required to decant the liquid from any plastic container to a glass bottle and place it in a sealed bag. On the other hand, fill a large bowl with some hot water (not boiling) and place the sealed bag of vape liquid into the bowl for a water bath.

You could simply leave the bag in the water until the water cools. Once done, remove the bottles from the bag, open the lid of the bottle, and allow the air to escape. You can reseal them, shake and your e-juice is ready to use! Here’s more  information on e-liquid steeping.

Now that you have all the information handy, hopefully, it will become easier for you to make a comprehensive choice on the vaping juice flavor you intend to buy. 


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