Brides, Plan Ahead: The Ultimate Wedding Dress Alterations Timeline

wedding dress alterations timeline

For many women, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. Many dream of every detail from their bridesmaids and wedding colors to their dress.

The dress is often the center of attention and brides obsess over everything about it from the design of the train to small details like whether or not it should include jewels. One important detail that is often neglected from this dream though is the wedding dress alterations timeline. Visit Avery Austin to know more about trains on a wedding dress.

Keep reading for a realistic breakdown of what to expect during the alterations process.

Wedding Dress Alterations Timeline

Wedding dress shopping is more than just finding the right dress. It also includes the alterations period. Truthfully, almost every bride will need alterations done to make sure their dress is a perfect fit, so having a realistic timeline is going to be important.

Alterations can happen at the bridal shop where you bought the dress or at an independent seamstress or tailor. The price for alterations is going to vary depending on where you go and can range anywhere between $100 to $1,000.

Budgeting your time and money accordingly will help you to not experience any surprises along the way Rise Lean.

When to Start

When developing your timeline, understand that it is a process so be generous when planning. It is typical for brides to begin their alterations three months out from their wedding date. This is when you and the seamstress decide on everything that needs to be corrected for your big day.

Make sure to bring your undergarments, shoes, and accessories so that you get an accurate picture of how you will look.


Most brides have between two and four alteration follow-ups. These appointments consist of trying the gown on and seeing if any more minor changes need to be made.

During these fittings, you’ll walk around to get a better feel for how the alterations look on you. This is also when you and the seamstress decide whether or not the dress needs to be taken in or out more or if the shoulder seam fits correctly.

Your follow-ups should take place one to two months out from your wedding day to allow for more alterations to be made if needed.

The Final Fitting

The final fitting is one of the best days of your life because its where your dream dress becomes a reality!

This appointment usually takes place between two to four weeks out from your date. It’s an emotional day and its highly recommended that you bring your mom and or best friend to share this special moment with you.

The final fitting is a rewarding day because you get a chance to actualize all your hard work and can see yourself as a bride. Just make sure you have your undergarments chosen. Many brides choose sticky bra cups so they can show off their dress without bra lines. This is where you realize that all the planning, dieting, and visits to places like Beach Cities Vein and Laser Center to are worth it to ensure you look your best!

Say Yes to The Alterations

While you’re in the middle of planning your big day, make sure not to neglect to create a wedding dress alterations timeline. Now that you have a breakdown of the process you can budget for it and save yourself a headache. When the details come together, your dream wedding will be better than what you could’ve ever imagined.

Keep reading for more information on how we can help you work hard, play hard and live your best life!


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