Do Men In The Military Undergo A Test For CBD?

Military Undergo A Test For CBD

There are many people here in the United States who want to join the military. Some are baffled by these dreams, as they cannot believe that anyone would willingly enter this institution. However, there are some people who want to join because they willingly want to serve the country. 

It is an honorable job, but according to this link:, it comes with its own consequences. It also introduces “some heavier than usual” responsibilities.

Nevertheless, it does not stop students in senior high school from joining once they turn 18 or 17 with parental supervision. The recruitment usually happens at school, and it starts right after they graduate. 

However, you can still join until you are 35. As long as you are fit and able, you can still be a part of one of the most powerful military troops in the world. You still need to pass a series of tests before you can enter, including a health inspection.

If you are a CBD user or are already interested in the product, you might be wondering if the military does test for CBD. The answer is no or not yet at least, as cannabidiol is not as controversial as marijuana. ( You can visit here to learn more. However, using CBD can still affect the outcome of your test. You can still fail if you end up using poorly processed CBD products. 

CBD, known as a cannabidiol, is a substance that is extracted from the marijuana and helps plants. It has been lauded as an anti-inflammatory and pain relief due to its interaction with our body. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for this interaction, as it is a series of neurotransmitters that connects with CBD to produce such effects. However, most people would just use this for recreational purposes.

The Dose of Truth

Dose of Truth

The military does not test for CBD. However, it does look for another substance that also comes from the same plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the compound that is responsible for the hallucinatory side effects of using marijuana. 

It has also been linked as a mind-altering substance and can damage the nervous system if taken in large amounts. On the other hand, it is harmless if the dosage is smaller since it does help in relaxing the body along with previous compounds. 

Unfortunately, even if you are just taking smaller amounts, it can still show up on the drug tests. As with any other organization, they do this as a part of the recruitment process and on a yearly basis. Sometimes, it can even happen multiple times each year if there are people suspected of using it while in service. Remember, the federal government has not approved the use of both medical and recreational marijuana.. 

As such, the military advises their recruits and active members to avoid using any kind of cannabidiol products as much as possible. This is because the US Food and Drug Administration still does not regulate its processes. You may have seen some CBD products that say they are THC free. Some of them are true, especially those that are known as “CBD isolate”. However, they are not as effective as its counterpart, the broad-spectrum type as it holds other compounds not just cannabidiol.

Unfortunately, this is where everything can go wrong. Military drug tests are so sensitive that it can pick up even the faint traces of THC especially if you have recently used a product. If it is pure CBD, then you would probably be fine. However, some do have higher amounts of THC because it makes the effects even stronger. 

Finding The Best Option

With everything said, it is important to find a product that you can trust. If you genuinely want to use it while still in service or recruitment, you will want to be careful with your product choice. Choose one that is already proven to have no THC involved. Even if it is weaker in terms of effectiveness, it can still give you a similar comfort. Topical creams, soaps and other non-ingestible products can be options for you.

On the other hand, the military does advise you to avoid them altogether especially while it is still just recruitment. It is a well-known phenomenon that the younger recruits can easily be influenced by their peers in doing reckless things. If you do not want to lose your job prematurely, we also suggest avoiding using any kind of CBD in the meantime. You can always go back when you are off the tour.



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