Yoga and its Benefits for Beginners    



Yoga therapy attracts more people nowadays due to the incredible health benefits it brings into someone’s life. Indeed, yoga can provide mental and physical wellness. Whether it is for stronger bones, flexibility, treatment for insomnia, or depression, yoga has it all.  Additionally, if you are a beginner who wants to delve deeper into yoga practices, then you need to go to a yoga teacher training course in Mumbai. A yoga teacher training course will allow you to incorporate yoga practices in your life better. Furthermore, find below how yoga is beneficial for beginners.

Benefits of yoga for beginners

Yoga is not only a mere practice that involves better physical and mental. You will also find the implementation of yoga in the medical field.

For example, some people are incorporating yoga practices for the below conditions:

● Insomnia.
● Anxiety.
● Stress.
● Depression.
● Coronary heart disease.
● Back Pain.
● Knee Pain.
● Diabetes.
● Thyroid.

A calm and relaxed mind (Better concentration)

Yoga can bring a huge benefit to your mindfulness. Multiple yoga poses allow you to calm your minds, such as the corpse pose or breathing techniques. Additionally, yoga can also promote better concentration in your daily activities. The word Yog means union in Sanskrit, and yoga is a union between all the organs in a human body. Hence, while this union happens, it will indeed bring your body and mind to a state of calmness.

Positive Energy

There several essential yoga practices that help to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and below are some,

  • Kriyas (Dhauti, Neti, Kapalbhati)
  • Asanas
  • Pranayama

By practising essential yoga poses, you can be sure that your energy level will come to a balanced level. Additionally, you will lead a life with more positive energy in your mind and body, which in yoga consists of balancing the Chakras. Undoubtedly, no one wishes to lead a life full of negative energy, such as being angry, sad, or dull. Therefore, if you ever feel like this, you can start practising yoga to alleviate those negative energy.

Alleviate Chronic Pain

Undoubtedly, yoga can help alleviate chronic pain, especially back and knee pain. If you suffer from any chronic pain and no difference while taking those pharmaceutical pills, you unquestionably need to opt for yoga to get rid of these health conditions.

Helps with better sleep

Undoubtedly, yoga can incredibly assist you to overcome a sleep problem. Whether it is insomnia, over-sleeping, or sleep-deprivation, you can find relief from such issues by practising yoga.

Additionally, several yoga poses exist to help you with this problem, which you can find below.

Yoga poses to acquire better sleep:

  • Wide-Knee Child’s Pose – Balasana.
  • Standing Forward Bend – Uttanasana.
  • Standing Half Forward Bend – Ardha Uttanasana.
  • Reclining Bound Angle – Supta Baddha Konasana.
  • Legs Up The Wall Pose – Viparita Karani.
  • Corpse Pose – Savasana.

How to Start Yoga as a Beginner?

It can be confusing when you start practising yoga as a beginner. Fortunately, several ways can assist you to begin yoga with adequate instructions.

Find below how you can start practising yoga as a beginner.

Start at home using the internet.

If you are new to yoga, it can be challenging to know which style and poses will be suitable for you. Therefore, if you have the internet at your home, you can always search for basic yoga poses. Afterwards, you need to find a quiet place to practice those poses. Additionally, it is better if you can get yourself a yoga mat to practice those poses.

Find a yoga teacher training course.

If you are a beginner in yoga, it is advisable to opt for a yoga teacher training course. This course will provide you with all the necessary information on how to practice yoga adequately. Moreover, you can choose to go to a yoga teacher training course in Mumbai. Some incredible professionals are excellent in providing more in-depth knowledge on how to practice yoga during this course.

Benefits of a yoga teacher training course

  • It provides deep yoga learning.
  • It affords deep personal practice.
  • It boosts life-skills.
  • It develops your spirituality.
  • Lifetime lectures on human anatomy, physiology, yoga philosophy, yoga ethics, and yogic lifestyle.


As you may deduce, yoga will provide unlimited well-being in concern with your mind and body. You can quickly learn yoga if you practice it daily. Additionally, in the beginning, you may find some yoga poses challenging. But, this is where you have to begin to become an expert yogi.


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