How to Boost Immune System to Fight COVID-19?


The immune system is the integral role player in safeguarding you against the microbes. Fundamentally, it is composed of special chemicals, cells, and organs that create a self-defense mechanism system to arm you against any kind of infection. The intelligent immune system records every microbe that already entered and it had combatted to defeat. As soon as any new microbe enters your body the immune system gears up to fight that as well. Hence, today you will learn few in-depth facts that will tell you how to boost immune system and much more information related to that.

Components of the immune system

Before concentrating on how to boost the immune system, you need to have a crystal -clear idea on the components of the immune system. Once you understand how your immune system works, you will know why it is important to stay healthy and prevent coronavirus.

White blood cells

It is a central component of the immune system. Developed in the bone marrow it is also associated with the lymphatic system. White blood cells incorporate lymphocytes like the T cells, B cells and these are organic cell killers. It moves through the tissue and blood. And immediately attacks the foreign microbes.

Complement system

It has inbuilt proteins that accompany the antibodies to attack the outsider.

Lymphatic system

It is a network of tubular-shaped systems presents all throughout the body. Talking about its composition, it has lymph nodes, white blood cells, and the lymph vessels. The key roles are to react against any bacteria, manage the cancer-related cells. Also, it regulates the movement of the fluid in the body.


They are the natural fighter who combats against the microbes or the toxins produced by the body. They do so by recognizing the material called the antigens. The antibodies get aware of these antigens and they prepare an attack.


It is again one of the elementary disease combatting weapons of the immune system. Actually, it filters the blood that discards the infections and ruins the already damaged RBC.


It is the main producer of the WBC known as T lymphocytes. Its main job is to keep a watch on your blood composition and filter the unwanted elements.

Bone marrow

It is delicate and spongy located inside the bones. Red blood cells are produced here designated to transport oxygen and combat the microbes. In addition to that, the platelets help in sorting the clotting of blood.

Signs of the poor immune system

Now the question is how to know that you are actually a weak immune system recipient. To understand that follow some points elaborated below:

  • Stomach issues: The majority of the immune system is related to your stomach. But those who lack that often do complains about constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence, etc.
  • Common infections:  Some frequent types of infections like influenza, cold, cough, respiratory ear are common.
  • Wounds heal very slowly: Whenever your body suffers from injury the good cells send the healthy blood to cure that at once. But people with a poor immune system often see that any injury will take a longer time to heal.
  • Tiredness:  People with the unsound immune system often find it difficult to cope up with energy. That means they feel like to rest because their body is constantly trying to preserve the energy.

Healthy methods to boost the immune system

The answer that you always search on the internet is what the best ways to boost immune system are. Therefore, by now, you have a clear idea on immune system and signs. Now let us discuss powerful immunity-boosting measures.

Check on stress

Medical science observed that the mind too plays a critical role in keeping your body sound and healthy. Yes, that is true when it comes to how to boost your immune system. That means you need to keep stress and challenges out of your mind for the active functioning of the immune system. Overall, take time to unwind and enjoy every minute. Otherwise, stress can destroy heart and stomach immunity systems as well.

Keep an eye on your diet

Candidly, diet is the pivotal factor that can help you to boost the immune system. In order to arm your immune system with proper tools you need to provide well-nourished and balanced food

As per evidence deficiency in the micronutrients like selenium, zinc, copper, iron, folic acid, Vitamin E, B6, C and A can seriously pose a danger to your immunity power. Items that you can shortly add to your regime are:

Foods to include

  1. Dark-type chocolates: It has an antioxidant element called the Theobromine. It competently boosts immunity power.
  2. Sweet potatoes: The richness of beta-carotene can provide you abundant Vitamin A, which is necessary for boosting immunity.
  3. Turmeric: The presence of curcumin makes the turmeric the best addition to boosting the immunity system
  4. Spinach: It has essential antioxidants and nutrients like vitamin c, carotenoids, and Flavonoids. Therefore, this green leafy addition can increase immunity.
  5. Garlic and ginger:  Garlic is composed of allicin, which is a natural cough and cold fighter. In addition to that, you can also rely on ginger, which is also praised for its anti-inflammatory properties as well.
  6. Green tea: Like blueberries, green tea also consists of the flavonoid. Therefore, it is also good at combating the cold.
  7. Almonds: Among the nuts, you can add almonds as it consists of Vitamin E and has other elements like fibre, magnesium and manganese as well.
  8. Broccoli: It consists of vitamin c and has sulforaphane. Therefore, you can always have this vegetable to end low immunity factors in your body.
  9. Oily fish: Oily fish consists of omega 3 fatty acids which are good at treating arthritis. Arthritis is one of the autoimmune systems it happens when the immune system by mistake causes trouble to the sound body part.

Fruits that help to boost the immune system

You should also add some of the immune-boosting fruits to the daily diet as well. Here goes the list below just follow them at once.


Watermelon is one of the best in the category of immune enriching fruits. It is because each of its slices can offer Vitamin B 6 as well as Gluthaione.


It consists of flavonoids and rich in antioxidant properties that bolster the immunity strength, especially it prevents you from catching frequent colds and suffering from an upper respiratory problem.

Citrus fruits

Are you recalling the names of the vitamin c enriched fruits? Then the first among all is none other than is bell peppers. The vitamin c content of this fruit is 3 times compared to the other fruits. In addition to that, the oranges are also a superb source of vitamin c. It consists of beta- carotene.

Raw papaya

Papaya also consists of an enzyme known as Papain, which is also an extreme source of vitamin c in the body. Definitely, it also has other elements such as folate, magnesium, potassium as well.

Thus, these were the lists of the healthy foods and fruits that you should intake on a daily basis. This will help you strengthen your immunity to the manifold. Amidst all these, you should be clear about the calorie intake. Remember people with obesity have less immunity compared to non-obese people.

How to stay healthy to maintain immune system

Word of caution for all those who are diagnosed with a weaker immune system. They should anyhow deter them from consuming sugar and alcohol.

Sleeping is necessary

To fight a low immunity system you should never compromise your sleep. That means sleeping for 8 to 9 hours in a day is a must as that will assure healthy health overall. Now, this even helps you combat diseases like insomnia, infections, flu, and other health ailments.

Note that sleep is one of those stages when the body works on its auto-healing system. In a way, you can see it is a natural antioxidant, which minimizes the stress.

Don’t rely on too many pegs:

As you have heard, a moderate quantity of alcohol can actually reduce the heart prone disease. But it is utterly risky when you increase the number from one to 5 pegs. Therefore, put a limit on your consumption. Otherwise, you will have to suffer from low immunity system. It will actually block the functioning of the WBC thus; it will lose the power to fight against the infection.

Have healthy relationships

Well this may sound a bit weird that how relationships and immunity are connected. Let’s look into the facts that researchers put forth. According to researchers, people who are into good relationships with physical intimacy are less prone to suffer from low immunity disorder.

Try to accept supplements and herbs

In addition to the immunity-boosting foods and fruits, you should also add some immunity packed herbs and supplements as well. In fact, this is again one of the best, which helps to boost the immune system. Now you should take these because the intake of herbs can increase the consumption of antibodies in your body. Both of herbs and supplements interact with each other and result into a stronger immune system overall.

Work out and exercise

Are you among those who feel too lazy to move from one place to another. Well stop that lackadaisical habit and get into working mode. That means to bolster up the defence mechanism you need to do routine exercise. You can add hosts of physical activities like walk, swimming, yoga or simply badminton. Once you engage in such activities, automatically it relaxes your mind and eases your body. Thus increases the immunity level of the heart, lungs, and bones.

Washing hands

Honestly staying hygienic and maintaining self-hygiene is very important to boost immune system. If you are among those who can gorge on snacks in an unclean hand then cut back on that and make sure to wash your hand at regular intervals. Use soap and water or liquid hand wash to clean off the dirt. You should also rely on using the hand sanitizer as well. In this regard, always choose the alcohol with a content of 60% as this considered more effective compared to the rest.

Interesting facts about the immune system

Here are some things you must know about your immune system:

Vaccines boost the immune system

Vaccines are very much significant for a body as it helps to produce the antibodies, which prepare the body to fight against the unknown danger.

Each part of the immune system has a different function to perform

As stated each of the immune systems perform different types of activities like the WBC fights against infections. Lymph nodes on the other hand regulate the movement of the blood in your body.

Bacterias are there in our body

Are you startled to know that you are actually living with the bacteria? If yes, then do remember that there are good and bad bacteria. On that account, the good bacteria tend to nestle in your body. In addition, the main function is to provide the body with the right proportion of the nutrients. On top of that, good bacteria also check the spread of infection and pose an attack on the bad form of bacteria.

The immune system can itself attack

There are times when the immune system itself ruins its own healthy and sound tissues. This is the scenario when autoimmune diseases take place.  The white blood cells in the body will not be able to differentiate between the normal cells of the body and the pathogens. In fact, that is the case when it destroys the good one.

Immune system wrong step creates allergies

The moment you begin to experience, any kind of allergy on your body remembers that is a threat indeed.  Allergic reactions can be anything right from a watery nose to feeling fatigued. Now such things happen when the body actually gets misguided.

Final thoughts

The documentation of the above article is to aware you about the immunity system, its parts, also about how to boost immune system.


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